So today, Adriana hits us with a Style File throwback on super sultry actress Pam Grier:

We might’ve covered a lot of the silver screen’s current sirens, but we still may have a bit to learn from the old school.
With the return of Halston and flare legs, among other things, ’70s fashion has come back and it’s a trend that’s going to march right on through Fall 2008. Who else embodies that decade’s tough, sexy style more than Ms. Foxy Brown herself, Pam Grier?

Known for her roles in Coffy and the now-legendary Foxy Brown, Ms. Grier’s film fashions (and swagger) have inspired legions of designers, models, and fashionistas. Halter-top jumpsuits, tall boots, leather, filmy silk, and what another writer terms “fierce-fitting polyester” are all touchstones of Ms. Grier’s trendsetting wardrobe.
Confident and sensual, with a touch of Afro-centric–loves it. And what has Ms. Grier said of her status as a fashion icon? “Me, sexy? I’m just plain ol’ beans and rice.” We would strongly beg to differ.

Channel Pam Grier’s style with these pieces:

Top Row Left to Right: Michael Kors Penelope Boots, $159; Leather Trench Coat, $80; Solid Petal Necklace, $120; Halter Ruched Fitted Jumpsuit, $69.
Bottom Row:
Kimono Sleeve Minidress, $209.

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  1. pam grier rocks! she definently had that sexy 70s style back in the day. shes one of the most beautiful women to have ever lived and still looks great today!

  2. soul sister number1, the badest chick then and there has been none since, halle berry and all the rest of them are aight but don’t even come close.

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