Happy Thursday! Every Thursday, we highlight the style evolution of a celebrity whose looks has been known to capture the attention the industry. Since its her birth week, we are honoring the talented Zendaya and her style evolution starting with her early days on as a Disney star:

From her 2010 Disney days until her 2020 movie star and designer status, Zendaya has come a long way. With the help of image architect and friend Law Roach, she has managed to blend feminine pieces with edgier looks.

Never afraid of taking risks, she quickly became one to watch on red carpets, premieres and TV appearances.

As Zendaya became older, her fashion picks turned more mature. She maintained elegance but ventured with more sexier trims and details.

Slits, bodices and figure hugging pieces were added to her wardrobe, but always counterbalanced with bold shapes.

Pantsuits are a staple in her style as much as gowns, which proves to be a smart move, taking advantage of her sleek and statuesque figure.

As her designer persona became stronger, when releasing her Tommy x Zendaya collection, Zendaya’s fashionista status only got stronger.

Her fusion of elegant and intricate couture looks for the red carpet and cool street style is certainly a hit, and her name is cemented at the best dressed list for years to come.

Thoughts on Zendaya’s style evolution?