Every type of occasion requires a different style of underwear. Sometimes you want to feel powerful in a red lace combo, and other times you want to wear the biggest briefs you own. Your underwear can dictate how an outfit fits and how confident you feel on that day.

Underwear is a tough one, ladies, so here are the staples you need in your intimate’s collection to keep you covered at all times. 

Pretty lingerie

It’s easy to get stuck into the t-shirt bra and boring briefs combination. It might be time to invest in some pretty lingerie for date nights and special occasions. Lingerie has the power to make you feel sexy, powerful, and amazing even in the most mundane of situations. 

Wear your favourite lingerie set on a normal day to boost your mood – you might find there’s an extra pep in your step! If lace isn’t your thing, try out neon mesh, a silky teddy or a sophisticated bustier to mix things up. Lingerie doesn’t always need to be feminine, and there are multiple styles on the market.

Big knickers and an everyday t-shirt bra

Every woman needs a nude bra that fits like a dream, seamlessly blends under clothing and is comfortable to wear. Always wear a nude bra under white clothing and try to find one that matches your skin tone.

Of course, your briefs should be just as comfortable as your bra. Buy a multi-pack of the so-called granny pants and enjoy a night on the sofa without a wedgy insight. Genius! 


Shapewear has a time and a place, and it’s usually for special occasions. If you are wearing a tighter dress, you may want to feel a little more supported and streamlined. Invest in shapewear that can be converted to suit several outfits. For example, perhaps the straps can be removed from the bra section, or you can make it into a halter neckline. Shapewear can get expensive, so choose a piece that flatters your body and curves.

A bralette

Bralettes are brilliant for lounging days or wearing under more revealing tops. However, bralettes aren’t always supportive and practical for the bigger busted ladies out there. If you’re after a little more support, look for bralettes with some boning and wider straps. 

Sports bras

The right sports bra can be challenging to find. Different sports bras offer varying levels of support, depending on the impact of your workout and bra size. If you enjoy yoga and light walking, go for a low-impact sports bra that’s comfortable and flattering. If you’re into HIIT and running, you will probably need a higher impact piece. Try to find a sports bra with a zip up the front to make it a little easier to get on.
Underwear can give you an extra sprinkling of confidence and make you feel amazing in any outfit.