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Jeans are one of the essential pieces that diversifies your wardrobe, but like any other piece of clothing, it’s important that you’re able to choose the right pair for you. Jeans come in many different types, from your basic off-the-shelf brand to jeans like the ones you can buy from a men high-end jeans outlet. The secret to buying the perfect pair of jeans is to understand what works for you and what specific characteristics you need to look out for.

Why Do Men Have Difficulty Choosing Jeans?

The biggest reason why many men have difficulty in buying the perfect pair of jeans isn’t just a lack of knowledge. Jeans come in so many varieties, each brand has a different style, and there are varying interpretations of what the perfect pair is. What may be a size 32 waist in one brand will look different if the pair came from a different brand. This means that every time you look for a pair of jeans, you have to treat it like a unique case. Here are some factors to help you standardize your search criteria.


Before you go shopping, you have to determine how much money you’re willing to spend. Buying jeans isn’t the same as buying shirts. It’s important to keep a “less is more” mindset when buying jeans. You’d be better off buying one $200 pair than two $100 pairs. Jeans are meant to be worn often, and you’d surely be happier with a long-lasting pair.


You have to match the fit of the jeans to your body type. If you’re thinner, you may opt for slim or skinny jeans, whereas looser fits would suit those with bigger bodies. It’s also important to consider your height. Looser fits will make you look shorter, while tighter fits make you look taller.


While style usually comes down to personal preference, simpler designs are much safer and will fit well into a wide variety of outfit combinations. However, if you plan to go with something beyond basic, it’s important to make sure that the style of your jeans matches with the rest of your wardrobe. Contrasts can create more diversity in any wardrobe, but considering that jeans are meant to be used as a staple piece, it’d be wiser to buy a pair that complements the majority of pieces in your wardrobe.


Sticking to a brand you know and love helps you establish familiarity with a particular style. This also means that if you have different clothes from the same brand, you’re also likely to find a pair of jeans that are designed to be worn with those clothes. Pick a brand you like and stick with them, but don’t be afraid to try other brands once in a while.

Mens’ fashion is based on simplicity, but choosing the perfect pair of jeans is anything but simple. Whenever you have too many selections to choose from, identify the aspects that matter most to you and decide based on what suits your needs best.