Patient couples up and down the UK are eagerly awaiting their delayed wedding days. As bigger weddings are likely to be allowed soon, the celebrations will be in full swing this summer. 

Weddings are not cheap occasions though. Whether it is splashing out on the perfect wedding rings you will wear forever, or feeding 150 people and plying them with drinks, it all adds up. 

Clever couples who are more excited about being married than having a ridiculously expensive wedding, cutting costs is essential. 

One of the best ways to reduce your wedding spend is to rent your wedding dress. Here is why you should. 

It will save you some money

Wedding dresses are exceptionally expensive and often take up a huge chunk of a wedding budget. This cost can be avoided by renting your wedding dress. 

Wedding dress rentals are considerably cheaper than buying new, as long as you don’t destroy the dress during your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. 

It is better for the environment

Clothing manufacture is one of the most environmentally damaging practices in the world. Reducing our clothing consumption and buying or renting pre-loved items is a great way to help reduce our environmental impact. 

For items like wedding dresses, which are often only worn once, renting can offer a sustainable alternative. 

It gives you a wider choice for your budget

As we have stated above, renting your wedding dress is cheaper than buying one. One added benefit of this is that you can rent high-end, luxury wedding dresses at a fraction of their retail cost. 

If you have had your heart set on a Vera Wang wedding dress, but your budget won’t stretch to it, renting is a viable alternative.

It reduces the need to store it afterwards

Due to the fabric and construction of many wedding dresses, storing them will need special care such as insect repelling blocks, garment bags and more. 

They will also need additional dry cleaning to keep them in good condition over the years. Renting eliminates the cost of care and saves the space of storing your dress. 

It is quicker than getting a custom dress fitted

Getting a custom dress made or having an off-the-rack design fitted perfectly can take a long time. It might even take multiple fittings over a few months. 

Renting eliminates this as you will wear the dress as is and can usually pick your dress close to the date of your wedding when your body is less likely to change size.