Safely purchasing a luxury watch online is a thorough process and rightly so. 

While the experience of purchasing a watch has often come from visiting a physical store, with the rising popularity of online shopping and the local lockdowns many of us experience considerably changing our shopping behaviors the process is now moving online. 

There are obviously key differences between the two experiences. In a shop you may be met with an information (sometimes push) salesperson. This can bring comfort and unease in equal doses. Online the research is very much in your own hands. The information you need is all out there, you just have to ensure you’re getting it from a reputable source and that you’re purchasing from a trusted marketplace. 

In this post we have put together some of our biggest tips to guide you through the process of shopping for a luxury watch online. 

Ensure the Process is Trustworthy and Transparent

When you’re buying through an online marketplace, you need to check for its legitimacy. The best online marketplaces and re-sellers go a step beyond and don’t simply intermediate a between two parties without ever seeing the watch. Here’s what you can expect.

  • Authentication certificate

Only the best online watch marketplaces can be considered safe for a luxury watch purchase. An authentication certificate acts as proof that all parts in a watch are genuine. You don’t want to spend money on a watch that has been serviced with poor quality parts. For example, CHRONEXT allows you to buy Rolex online with a certificate & warranty.

  • Great communication

Communication is key when it comes to building trust during any negotiation or transaction. This is so important because you need to ensure you have all the questions you have lined up about the watch you’re looking to purchase answered promptly. 

Many of leading watch marketplaces and sellers inform you about your purchase status at every stage.

  • A trustworthy return policy

Did you know you should be able to return your watch if you’re not happy with your purchase? This policy is what separates the average seller from the best seller. A certain period of 10 to 30 days should be offered for all customers who’d like to return the watch by the online seller.

Where You Can Purchase a Luxury Watch Online – Pros and Cons 

As the section above highlighted, the process of purchasing an authentic luxury watch differ depending on where you’re looking at buying the watch from. Below we look at some of the most popular channels and whether or not you should consider them. 

  • eBay

eBay certainly has its share of passionate collectors selling authentic watches. But all of the luxury watch authentication steps are normally taken by you as you essentially can’t trust any random seller here. The randomness of the seller is a huge issue and often if the price seems too good to be true it often is. 

  • Watch forums

If you have the time to look for a watch on dedicated forums, you can find some of the most passionate collectors here. However, you don’t get any warranty and a third-part authentication with most purchases of this type. There are no doubt countless enthusiasts who spend their time sharing knowledge on these forums but when it comes to making a purchase we would recommend more reputable channels. 

  • Online marketplaces

Some of the best online marketplaces often tick all of the boxes these alternative channels don’t. With a reputable marketplace you will get a luxury watch that has been approved by a professional for authenticity and have the peace of mind that your purchase can be returned if required and is covered by warranty if anything does go wrong. 

Final words

You should always take your time and carry out thorough research before making a purchase of this type. Check the certification and the condition of a watch online as best you can before the purchase. If you want a watch in order to look professional at work or even to add to your growing collection, it should be in pristine condition.