It is said that in order to be taken seriously as a professional, you need to wear a watch. The suit and tie are great and all but a watch gets you taken seriously. You must never be caught pulling out your phone to check the time − however surreptitiously.

Your wristwatch says volumes about you not only as a person but also as a business person. In the office, a person who sports a wristwatch comes across as reliable and organized. Clients are more likely to approach them than someone who is tinkering with their mobile device.

Man has always wanted to be able to tell the time and wearing a timepiece dates back hundreds of years. Technology seems to have pushed the wristwatch aside as people rely more on their phones to tell the time. The Smartwatch has further alienated the traditional wristwatch.

The Traditional Watch is a Mark of Success                             

As mentioned earlier, swiping your Smartphone to check the time may not go down well in the business world. Consider looking up Scandinavian Watches for timepieces that will raise your professional image.  Here are four reasons why you should ditch your mobile device in favour of a traditional timepiece.

  1. Helps You to Manage Time Properly                                      

The old saying ‘Time is Money’ applies perfectly in the business. Professionals cannot afford to dawdle and tardiness is frowned upon in the office. A wristwatch helps you to keep time and avoid wasting it in many ways. For starters, it helps to keep you on schedule.

In addition, it helps to keep you focused. Checking the time on your mobile device is the easiest way to distraction. You will find notifications that you simply must check out. There are texts, missed calls as well as loads of social media notifications that could take a large chunk of your time.

There are many organisations that require their workers to turn their phones off during work hours. With a wristwatch, you still have a trusted way to check the time. Constantly checking the phone does not give you a professional look.

  1. You Relish Good Quality

A good quality watch shows that you appreciate good quality. Clients can, therefore, trust your judgment. It also tells your superiors that your work ethic is commendable and you can be trusted with advanced assignments.

Such subtle communication is what lands you in that managerial position you have been eyeing. Successful people tend to be very meticulous about their personal as well as their work lives. This shows in even their fashion sense and choice of simple accessories such as the wristwatch.

They will, after all, tend to seek out items that go perfectly with their professional profiles.

  1. Shows You Are Organized

A wristwatch says that you are an organized person who has a healthy respect for time. You come across as a responsible person that can be relied upon to make sound decisions. This is the image any professional wants to project to the client.

In addition, people notice these traits when you attend meetings, interviews or head departmental sessions. They see you as a professional who is worthy of respect.

  1. You Have a Healthy Relationship with Time

A watch declares that you have a healthy relationship with time. You respect it and know that it is limited.  You know that you cannot control the passage of time and cannot turn it back. You are therefore likely to use it well to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.


While anyone can wear a watch, they type you choose to don as a professional matters. It speaks volumes about what is important to you and gets you taken seriously. Without one, clients assume you rely on your Smartphone to tell the time and that reduces your cool points.

It is therefore not just about wearing a watch. It is also about wearing the right watch in order to project the right professional image.