Hey Guys,
So I’m back from Miami! It was absolutely wonderful to sit by the pool in the sun, but I’m happy to be back on the grind…time to refocus.
So I received many, many great submissions for the most fashionable Fashion Bomber contest…I am so impressed! Fashion Bomb readers hail from around the globe, and have lots of different yet chic interpretations of style.
I’ll introduce you to our contestants; cast your vote by leaving a comment. We’ll filter down the top choices soon and by next week we’ll have round two!
I’ll profile in the order received.
The first submission is from a young lady named Chiriga from New York City who says, “My style is hip-hop/urban/chic. On an everyday basis I love a tee- shirt and jeans with a GREAT shoe—- I like to accessorize my outfits with big vintage inspired necklaces, big bangles and/or hat or scarf”


She continues, ” I am an aspiring Designer and Boutique owner. I am in the midst of launching my first Women’s clothing line called ‘Peace & Glam.’…
“…My style is all over the place, but it works–well I think so…lol!”
It definitely works! Chiriga has a great eclectic style…And kudos to her for mixing up trends with more vintage elements.

The next submission is from reader Shanae who hails from Toronto, Canada
She says, “I really don’t know how to describe my style other than I love anything that makes me feel like a lady. I love wearing dresses and I am a big sucker for anything by Diane von Furstenberg.”
Love the prints…and I must admit, I’m a sucker for DVF, too!
Next, we have Fashion Bomb follower Sade who says, “Since the moment I found the Fashion Bomb, I’ve been obsessed !”
“…I love all of your postings and the daily advice you give!”
Thanks soooo much Sade. And please tell me where you copped that yellow cardigan…
Next, we have Anitra from Columbus, Georgia, who is a senior magazine journalism student at Florida A&M University…
She says, “I like shopping at Forever 21, cute, one of kind boutiques, online, pretty much anywhere! I think my style is sophisticated and classy. I like to be up on the trends and I love reading fashion magazines and blogs!”
Quite fly, I must say for a student. A+
Lovette from Chicago wanted to flash her fabulosity…
She says, “My style is pretty classic. I hardly ever buy trendy stuff because I like to look in my wardrobe and know that I can wear anything I have 5 years down the road. My everyday uniform though is a pair of jeans and a cute fitted top w/ either ballet flats or a pair of heels.”
She continues, “I’m a SERIOUS shopaholic, and tend to shop at least once a week in stores, and 2-3 times weekly online. I can’t say I’m loyal to one brand, but I am a fan of H&M & Express.”
Me too. And are you wearing those Tory Burch Denueve Quilted Pumps??? I covet…
Now we’ve got some family love from sisters Veronica and Vanessa from Cincinnati, Ohio
Veronica (left) says, “My style is classic by day and flashy by night. I have all the basic, practical pieces–blacks, whites, tans, reds, designer denim, black dresses, trench coats, etc. But I’m definitely flashy when I dress to impress or go out, I love short dresses and skirts and killer shoes, especially peep toes and patent leather, and black pumps. Since I’m still on a graduate student budget, my favorite brands are Seven for All Mankind, Express, and Theory and H&M when I can make my way through all their clothes. My favorite brand of all time is classic monogram Louis Vuitton–I cannot live without my Speedy 25 and my matching accessories.” Vanessa (right) says, “I have a funky, unique style…my favorite brands are American Apparel, H&M and Urban Outfitters. I’m also obsessed with Louis Vuitton–we get it from our Mom!”
Louis Vuitton speedy is indeed a classic pick. Cute, ladies.
Just a few more…(I told you there were a bunch!)
We have another Toronto diva!
Keenda from Canada says, “I would describe my style as Simple yet Sharp! I love hunting for key pieces (Coats, Belts, Skirts, Dresses and Purses) at Value Village and a few vintage stores on the fashion strip (Queen St.) in Toronto.”
“…I love bright, bold colors, being Creative yet Classy. I look for pieces that are timeless and versatile. I buy Teen Vogue every month for ideas, lots of colors and creative and funky options. My favorite stores are Zara, Value Village and House of Vintage (Queen St. in Toronto)!

Hot! Looks like I need to visit this Queen Street in Toronto for a few Boutique Spotlights…
Next, we have Shaunya from Brooklyn who calls herself a ‘Cheap Style Diva’…
She succinctly summed up her style with the following:

Coat: Zara $99 bucks
Dress: Zara $29 bucks
Bag: Yves Saint Laurent $500
Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana Loehmann’s $80
Cheap Style: Priceless

LOL! Loves it!
Now we have a truly overseas selection from reader Joy hailing from London, England (yay international!)…
She says, “My style is quite eclectic, depending on the day. I range from earthy to ultra chic and then from revolutionary tees to sexy casual chic. My biggest inspiration is Tracee Ellis Ross’s character on Girlfriends, Joan. Last season the show’s stylist killed it dressing her! I don’t really have any favorite brands other than Youmewe. Other than that I mostly wear vintage items.”
Um, Joy, I might have to STEAL that Gucci bag! And peep your leather leggings. Dying, love your outfit!
Next, we have Charle from New Orleans, who attends school in Chicago…
>Charle even included a pic of what she wore today to school…
…You are certainly a fashionable student! I didn’t diverge much from jeans back in the day…
Just a couple more…
We have Ora from Birmingham, Alabama
She says, “I think my style is depictive of my up north and down south roots. In the winter I wear all styles of timbs, boots and hoodies, in the summer dresses sandals stilettos and wedges. I am plus size 16-20 depending on the store, but i stay on my grown and sexy.”
Latrice says, “I’m a lover of eveything fashion and many designer items but being the college student that I am, I can’t afford them…”
“…I have to stick with dreaming, at least until I graduate….”
With your style, I’m sure you’re ‘Soon be Famous.’ Keep it up!
And lastly, lastly, lastly, we have Renata
…who was so fly that she only sent her picture. It speaks for itself!
Phew! That’s it!
So when voting/commenting, tell me your top 3 choices…and we’ll go from there.
I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who put themselves out there for this contest. The Fashion Bomb would be nothing without its fabulously chic readers (seriously)! And even if you don’t win the prizes, I think all of you are fly, fierce…amazing!
I heart you all!
Now let’s get the votes going….and I’m going to try to find a few more prizes…we need some good stuff for a contest this hot!