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..you know what time it is!
I’ve been super busy this week with all my travels, so this post’ll be quick. No matter, all the more time for you to vote for our most Fashionable Fashion Bomber contest (scroll on down)! The participation has been great. I’m so excited! I’ll remind you of the prizes at the very end.
For now, let’s get to it!
First up reader Kat says, “I love Halle Berry’s outfit in this picture…”

“Can you tell me the designer? And can you find something close?”
Hey Kat. Halle looks smashing in that dress, no? She’s wearing a blue version of this Versace number….
…from the line’s Spring 2008 Ready to Wear collection.
If you want a similar look for less, I found that these gowns came close:

Left to Right: Elegant Halter Gown by Niki Livas, $128, www.edressme.com; Sean Collection Stretch Satin Halter Gown, $258, www.nordstrom.com.

Next, Sawsan from Canada says, “I fell in love with this dress that premiered on an episode of Gossip Girl…”
“… I love the cut, design and color. New years is coming and I can see myself in that…if you can find anything similar and affordable I would appreciate it.”
Hey, lovin’ the Canadian love!
The dress reminds me of a strapless version of this Spring 2007 Versace dress…
..seen on both Cassie and Amerie…
…earlier this year.
If you want a similar look, I found that dress staple Cache provides something close in this Animal Brocade dress with Pleating….

…for a reasonable $198.
Update: Reader Jassine attests that this dress is by designer Jasmine de Milo! She says, “The cost is approximately $548 and can be found in a Fifth Avenue Boutique called ‘The New York Look’.” So if you’re ever in New York, Sawsan, you can get the real thing on Fifth Avenue! Thanks Jassine…
Next, Charlotte in D.C. says, “I love the sweater and pants that Jaslene is wearing in this photo….”
“… Would you please help me find something similar? Thanks!”
Hey! You can get a Jaslene look with the following:

Left to Right: Lacquer Regency Print Cardigan, $43.90, www.nordstrom.com; La Made Ribbed Tank, $25, www.madisonlosangeles.com; Joes Jeans Pharaoh Trouser, $174, www.barneys.com.
Next up, reader Daphne says, “I’ve been looking for a winter coat that is 3/4 sleeves and not black that is below the waist. I have been searching for days… have you found any that you think are just FAB?”
Hey! So you’re looking for a short 3/4 sleeve coat? A few options for ya:
Click to Enlarge
Left to Right: Marc by Marc Jacobs Kinloch Short Coat, $426, www.standardstyle.com; Adam + Eve Herringbone Cropped Swing Coat, $213, www.revolveclothing.com; Filmore Cropped Pea Coat, $180, www.nationaljeancompany.com; Michael by Michael Kors Kimono Sleeve Jacket, $190, www.nordstrom.com; Herringbone Tweed Jacket, $189, www.bebe.com.
There are lots of non black options, but prices are steep…good luck!
Lastly, reader Keirsten says, “I saw these shoes and I definitely want them...”

“… HOWEVER, they are a bit pricey ($600). Do you have any idea where I can get these shoes or find a similar pair that are cheaper?”
Hey there. I know that both Cole Haan and Steve Madden had versions of this shoe, but that was many years ago. I did a quick search, though, and found the following options:

Left to Right: Jessica Simpson Women’s Leela Pump, $52, www.endless.com; Guess Python Pumps, $42, www.guess.com.
Hope that helps! As I always say, I’m not short on answers, just on time!
Stay tuned…
To recap, prizes for the Most Fashionabe Fashion Bomber are:A pair of James Jeans for 1st place; a LeSportSac Tote from Val Style’s Shop & Mingle for second place; and a $50 gift certificate to Lulu’s Fashion Lounge for Third Place.
Have great weekends!

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