Last night, after coming home from a screening of Beyonce’s Roseland Ballroom ‘4’ concert DVD at Paris Theater (more on that later), I popped by a kiosk and picked up Ebony Magazine’s December/January holiday issue with Jennifer Hudson on the cover. While perusing their annual Power 100 list, I looked and spied….


Of course I was super excited to be featured in a national magazine, on a list including tastemakers like Jay-Z, President Barack Obama, Oprah, and Pharrell Williams. But as you and I know, though the site is called The Fashion Bomb, the url is Fashionbombdaily.comnot

On one hand, I’m disappointed the staff at Ebony didn’t take the time to simply plug in to see that it was not the right online address.

If they had, they would have seen this:

But on the other hand, I’m kicking myself years later that I had not pushed harder to purchase the blog’s URL when I first got started. To be honest, the young man who has been cybersquatting on that domain has owned it since I was a blogspot, and has offered to sell it to me for ridiculous amounts of money. His last quote was at $15,000, which is when I stopped asking–and hoped people would simply google the site to find what they needed. I’m sure the cybersquatting laws have changed since 2006. I own the trademark The Fashion Bomb, so should have some rights to the URL. Let’s just say owning the domain would make life easier–and perhaps wrangling it away from said cybersquatter will be one of my many projects for 2012.

New bloggers, here’s a quick lesson: buy your domain name (if you can), as soon as you can. If not, you may deal with lots of confusion in the future.

At any rate,THANK YOU to the team at Ebony for recognizing the site! I’m honored and flattered.


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28 thoughts on “The Fashion Bomb Makes Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 List!”

  1. Congrats Claire… I can say that I had some issues finding the site with the name confusion as well. But google helped and now I dont miss a beat!!!

  2. I can’t believe they posted the wrong site! Do you know how many people will be misdirected.. Uggghh! They will figure it out though.

    Congrats, this is great news nevertheless!

  3. Congrats Claire. I actually never noticed the url…I’m sure most people will find it. It’s pretty high up in the Google searches.

  4. Congrats! I believe you have some pull with cyber squatting (or at least from what I last read when I was going through the copyright process) since you own the trademark. If not, I say we ALL ride down to this dude’s house and “handle” this issue.

  5. Congratulations!! I totally agree, write a letter to the editor correcting their mistake. They should be glad to correct it since it was just laziness and lack of oversight on their part that let it be published incorrectly in the first place. I can not believe they wouldn’t verify every address they gave knowing how “surprises” pop up at slighty off URLs all of the time. Oh well, maybe you will get double pub out of it!!

  6. @Yakini Thanks! I’m on it.
    And if not, then we’ll have to resort to Danielle’s suggested method. haha

  7. The Fashion Bomb Makes Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 List! ‹ The Fashion Bomb Blog : Celebrity Fashion, Fashion News, What To Wear, Runway Show ReviewsThe Fashion Bomb Blog : Celebrity Fashion, Fashion News, What To Wear, Runway Show Reviews

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