Last night my friends invited me to see a screening of Beyonce’s new DVD,“Live At Roseland: The Elements Of 4” at Paris Theatre in midtown.

The night promised free popcorn, a Beyonce sighting, and a look at her latest concert–I couldn’t say no!
Before we settled in, Beyonce took to the stage to answer a few questions about the flick, which reveals several personal moments in her life:

She said, “I always do my video diaries. And when I’m doing them, I never think anyone will ever see them. But because I don’t tweet, I still feel it’s important people get a sense of who I am. It’s great when I can control it…I always try to reveal different sides of me…I feel like I’ve been here for a very long time. I’m still growing. I plan on continuing to perform and doing what I love. I think after 15 years, it’s time that I just enjoy my life. Performing gives me so much pleasure. And I do it so much because I love it. But as far as taking risks and staying excited, and inspiring other people…that’s what I want to do instead of proving anything to anyone.”
Take a look:

Let me tell you, people were jumping to their feet and dancing in their seats!
What do you think of the video?
Thx Gigi and Natalya!