The summer months are in full swing, and chances are you and your family have spent quite a bit of time sweating it out in the heat. With Labor Day fast approaching, it’s time to take a break from the summer sun and spend some time cooling off at the pool! Plan a pool day for your family and friends and finish out the summer strong. If you haven’t made it out to the pool this summer, we’ve got you covered. Here is a complete checklist for everything you’ll need to enjoy a day by the pool.  

Shade & Seating

The first thing you’ll need to worry about is shade. This will largely depend on the pool you have access to, as some pools will already have umbrellas and chairs for you to use. If that is the case, then you can go ahead and check this one off your list! If your pool does not provide these items, then you will definitely want to make sure you bring them yourself. Folding beach or pool chairs and an umbrella or canopy will make your experience significantly more enjoyable.

Sun Protection 

Making sure you have access to shade during your pool day is an important part of sun protection, but you also need to make sure you’re protected when you are playing out in direct sunlight. Kids and adults should always be using waterproof sunscreen while at the pool. And don’t forget to reapply sunscreen throughout the day! A hat that shades your face and a pair of sunglasses should also make it into your pool bag for maximum UV protection.


This one may seem obvious but if you haven’t pulled out your family’s swimwear since last season, you may need some new pieces. If your kids have outgrown their suits from last year, H&M is a great place to shop if you are looking for swimwear for the whole family. They have designs that are unique and trendy and have a range of styles that everyone in your family will love.


Some public pools will provide towels to their patrons at no cost, however you may still want to pack one or two of your own. Complimentary pool towels are not usually as large as a standard pool towel would be, so if it is important that you have a towel that you can put down to cover your chair, consider packing your own. Make sure you check with your local pool to see if towels are provided before leaving them off your packing list entirely.


You can’t have a pool day without pool floats! Kids and adults enjoy the pool more with the right floaty or lounge chair. Get a floating chair so you can tan yourself on the water or pick up a multi-person float so your group can lounge together! Don’t forget to pick up a couple floats for the kids too so everyone can enjoy some fun in the water.

 Snacks & Drinks 

Snacks are a must for a long day by the pool. The kids work up quite an appetite playing in the water, so you’ll want to come prepared. There are a couple rules for a good pool snack. You don’t want anything too messy or difficult to assemble, nothing that comes in a glass container, and nothing that will get soggy if a wet hand reaches into the entire package. Sandwiches are a classic if you want something more substantial. As for the snacks, things like fresh fruit or veggies, individually packaged chips, fruit snacks or gummies, or jerky are all great for by the pool. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water so everyone stays hydrated. Throw in a few adult beverages for mom and dad and you are good to go!


If your pool allows it, a portable speaker should make it onto your list. Some public areas will not allow speakers that project, but if they do, the pool is much better enjoyed with the perfect playlist. Set the mood by putting on some poolside jams for your friends and family to enjoy as they lounge and swim.

Extra Clothing 

No one wants to spend the drive home in soaking wet bathing suits or cover ups. Furthermore, no one wants chlorine-soaked shorts permeating the fabric of their car seats. You can avoid this unpleasant end to the day by packing an extra set of clothing for everyone. Most pools will have changing areas so your family can swap their wet suits for dry clean clothes before leaving the pool. Spending some time packing extra clothes will help you avoid having to air out a damp car at the end of the day. Because who wants to do that after all that relaxing?

Follow this checklist for your next pool day and everything is sure to go off without a hitch. Make the most of the heat before the summer ends and spend some time by the pool this weekend!