The Super Bowl is almost upon us, the most electrifying annual event on American soil. It is the US’ number one unofficial holiday. This football game unites the nation in front of TV screens, feeding them a multi-hour diet consisting of sporting competition, dynamic and creative musical performances, and humorous advertisements. Since 2018, Americans in distinct regions can wager on the NFL finals at US-based sportsbooks. Yet, before 2018, that was only possible at offshore sites that accepted American gamblers. However, an aspect that many casual football fans and Super Bowl viewers don’t know is that these hubs also allow their users to wager on more things than the actual on-the-field goings on. For example, betting on fashion in the Super Bowl is called a preposition bet, which happens yearly.

Technically, a proposition wager, or a prop bet, is staking anything on an outcome not tied to the final score of a sporting event. It ranges from betting on how many yards a specific player will run or what color the winning Super Bowl Gatorade shower will be. Luckily, modern sportsbooks are aware that not only sport-savvy viewers pay attention to the NFL championship game and that these individuals too may want to try their luck on some sports betting fun. That is why they diversify their prop markets and allow options that let everyone wager on fashion and other halftime show-related aspects.

In 2023, Rihanna, the nine-time Grammy award-winner from Saint Michael, Barbados, will headline the mid-game entertainment at Super Bowl 57 in Glendale, Arizona. And here are some bets anyone can put down on her show come February 13th, aired on FOX.

Rihanna’s Hair Color

In her most recent social media posts, Rihanna’s hair color is black and maybe some shades of brown. It is a bit hard to tell. That is because the artist’s Instagram images don’t feature high-quality resolution. Most sportsbooks are not in an adventurous mood, so they have set their lines predicting that Rihanna is not likely to do anything drastic regarding her hair for the Bowl’s halftime show. Thus, the odds of her keeping her hair black for her performance are at -500 at most sites. Rihanna going blonde and taking everyone by surprise is available at +400, and her opting for a bold purple look can get at +1,000.

What Will Rihanna’s Primary Outfit Color Be?

Again, black is the color most bookies are going for, with odds of -150. She already released clips of rehearsals with her wearing a predominantly black jersey getup. But, as everyone knows, artists change multiple outfits during their performances, as these can include up to ten songs or more. A combo of yellow and gold gets given the second-best odds at +500, and a gray and silver mélange gets listed at +575 at multiple high-end bookmakers.

Will There Be a Wardrobe Malfunction in 2023?

Super Bowl XXXVIII was marred by one of the most notable moments in US TV history – Nipplegate. Janet Jackson’s breasts shown on national television sparked widespread outrage and controversy. It led to the NFL excluding MTV from future halftime Super Bowl shows and the Federal Communications Commission dishing out hefty fines for the incident. Various precautions are now taken for such an occurrence never to get repeated, so sportsbooks have set the odds of a wardrobe malfunction not happening in 2023 at -1,100. Those who think it may occur can test their luck by going against +550 to +600 lines.

Will a Necklace Be a Part of Rihanna’s Ensemble

Going by Rihanna’s red-carpet walks, depending on her dress, she has put on necklaces to compliment her look, but it’s around 50/50 on the aggregate. Given that she will likely endure several costume changes during the 2023 Super Bowl, the safe bet is that one of them will feature a necklace. That is why bookies have put the odds of this transpiring at -500 and the chances of it not occurring at +300.

What Will Rihanna’s Eye Shadow Color Be?

The smart money is on apparent/none at -250. That is despite this famous singer building a cosmetic empire in recent years. Her two beauty companies, Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty, are worth billions, with Rihanna co-owning Fenty Beauty with LVMH, the famous French luxury retailer. Her putting on white eye shadow is the next safest wager from this category at +350.

Will Rihanna Expose a Nipple or Her Buttocks on Stage?

Most sportsbooks think that nothing racy will go down during the championship game’s halftime performances, and their odds reflect this. Most have set those chances of Rihanna exposing a nipple on stage at -2,000, but they have adjusted the odds of her showing a part of her butt cheeks at -155, believing that that is likely to happen.