Hey Y’all,

So I caught E!’s Red Carpet Coverage of the Golden Globes last night and thought it would be cool to do a minute by minute style diary of celebrity fashion. Just my two cents. Enjoy!

6pm– Guiliana Depandi…

…looks gorgeous! I’m feelin’ her ruffle front black gown, Chopard earrings, and cute hairdo! Ryan Seacrest looks like….a dude in a suit. This is all about the ladies today, so…

6:05– Aaaaaah! Jay Manuel! I absolutely love Jay, but I prefer his blonde ‘do to the silver. His tie/cravat/bow is very cute, however. He’s talking about bringing the ‘old to the new’ and vintage digs. I wonder: what makes a designer gown vintage? Is vintage the equivalent of last season??? Or two seasons ago??

6:15–Wow Vanessa Williams.

She’s a beautiful women, but all the puff, fur, and frizz just don’t appeal to me. Her face is gorgeous, and that’s the only thing that’s working for her tonight.

6:17–Jennifer Love Hewitt’s dress…

…looks like she made it at home!

6:18–I realize that I need to go to the supermarket to get some food, but…priorities, priorities! Fashion before food.

6:19–My brother calls me, asking me to go online and find the location of a Best Buy in Santa Monica, California. So. He’s calling me in Brooklyn from California to find something in his area. When I can’t find it, he hangs up on me. Ridic. Instead of being offended by his rudeness, I get back to it.

6:21–My boyfriend has his hands on the remote. Turns it to ESPN. I’m going to choke him if he makes me miss anything. After a pinch, he jumps back to the Red Carpet.

6:24–BACK! Ryan Seacrest with Vanessa Williams.

…Vanessa is getting a lil ‘old diva’ on me…this look is just not fresh. She reveals that she’s wearing a Carmen Marc Velvo dress, Fred Leighton jewels, and a Edwards-Lowell fur. She styled herself in about an hour and…it shows. My boyfriend says, “F*ck she looks good.” What does he know? He explains, “It’s the big hair.” Riiiiight.

6:30–Sienna Miller with Ryan Seacrest. Sienna reveals that she’s wearing a Marchesa dress and Cartier jewelry…

My bf said, “Is that Jude Law’s girl?” “Yes” “She’s not that hot.” I think she’s cute! And her accent is delightful! Oh! She just said, “La-di-da!”

6:35–The purse with the mirror company is rejoicing right now.

Two shout outs already…

6:36–America Ferrara aka ‘Ugly Betty.’

Ummm…Ugly Betty is Hot! LOVE her purple dress. L-O-V-E! And three cheers for the curvy girls.

6:40–ESPN again. I’m going to kill this man. Yes, it’s a commercial break. No, I don’t want to watch Hockey Highlights. No! No! No!

6:47–I see Chloe Sevigny…

This chick is FIERCE and her one shoulder dress is amazing. Can’t wait to see who it’s by.

6:48–Penelope Cruz…

…hot, hot, hot. She’s wearing a Chanel couture gown by Karl Lagerfeld. And les ruffles again!?!? Does Karl Lagerfeld read the Fashion Bomb??

6:50–The bf is asleep! Yay! No more channel skipping or ESPN.

6:52–Ugly Betty with Ryan Seacrest!

So she’s wearing a Brian Reyes gown and Fred Leighton jewelry. The color looks great on her…It really pops and speaks to the ‘bright color’ trend that’s starting to take hold.

6:55–Eva Longoria looks smashing.

Her dress reminds me of America Ferrera’s gown, but I feel like America’s color looks better on her.

6:58–Ryan Seacrest is poking around for details… Eva’s dress is Ungaro. “The premiere of Eva and Navy.” Ok, she just did a little twirl…

…Ok, the back of her dress wins out over America’s. Sorry Ugly Betty!


She’s also wearing a Marchesa dress. One shoulder joint. She looks very Greek Goddess in her Lorraine Schwartz jewels. J.Lo usually causes my jaw to drop to the floor, but this dress is kind’ve yawn worthy. Why is Marc hiding in the corner?? Anyway, I think the one shoulder dress is a theme this time around. And the back details?!?

… Pimpin. Eva and J.Lo have the backs going on.

7:13–I thnk I just peeped Puff on the carpet with a Ryan Leslie type character…

I wonder if Cassie is around…

7:18–I spy Cameron Diaz wearing a one shoulder gown. The one shoulder of her gown is…

…a ruffle! I swear, you heard it first on the Fashion Bomb. And an aside: I’m starting the beret revolution! More on that later.

7:20–Ryan Seacrest is hitting on *everybody*. Guess he’s really trying to squash that ‘gay’ rumor.

7:28–Yay! Will and Jada.

Jada’s in a beautiful salmon dress that pops. Who made it? Will Marchesa score yet another name drop?

7:30–Seacrest interviews the hotties from Big Love…

…Turns out Chloe is wearing Yves Saint Laurent. The other girls are wearing…whatever. The dress looks different up close.

7:31–Brad and Angelina. Angelina is a bad b*tch….

..My boyfriend woke up from his slumber to say, “Superstar couple.”

7:36–Brangelina with Ryan Seacrest…

Brad is sooo hot. Still. Angelina refuses to talk. I like her strapless gown. No word on who it’s by. Ryan was so busy trying to get the scoop on the family that he forgot to ask.

7:40–Oh Sh*t, Beyonce!

She looks AMAZING in her sequined gown. Her decolletage, makeup, jewelry, everything is on point. My boyfriend says, “Best looking chick I’ve seen all night, bar none.” He must not be including me! I’m wearing a fluffy baby blue robe by Vicky’s! Update: After a few punches to the chest, he retracted his statement. Beyonce’s the second best chick he’s seen all night, next to his girl.


He’s aged well. Something’s going on with his mic.

7:51–Cut to Beyonce.

Homegirl did everything right…lots of weave, but not overboard. Looks like she rubbed it down with some Vaseline, popped on some sequins…Bey is WORKING IT!

7:52–Jay Manuel just noted that Angelina was not feeling being there. I mean. If you think about it, celebrities, jewels, and dresses is not what should be on our agenda. But we all need a break from saving the world sometime, don’t we??

7:56–Boo. Credits. Guess the red carpet coverage is over. Sucks because I wanted Ryan or Giuliana to talk to Beyonce. Let’s just assume her dress is House of Dereon…

7:58–I see Jennifer Hudson!

Pretty. It looks like she’s wearing navy.
Ryan is totally overdoing it with the macho commentary. I don’t buy it!

7:59–Just got a more complete look at Cameron Diaz.

Her red lips sream, “Free woman” but her dress says, “Wreck!” Ruffles gone wrong.

8pm–The show is starting. Maybe the supermarket is still open???
Update: It was!
All pictures courtesy of E!Online, AP, and Reuters.