Hey Y’all,

As some of you may know, I’m a Southern Georgia Peach, transplanted to New York City. Always on the lookout for fashionable people, I tried my hand at taking pictures of a few of Atlanta’s stylish men and women during a recent trip.

One wknd I went to a bar at Atlanta’s new Atlantic Station and snapped pictures of a few peeps.

This first duo…


…looked great in their stylish belts, skinny jeans, and stillettos. I really liked how the girl on the right’s earrings matched her shoes.

This chick….

…shined because of her funky hair and detailed trench.

For the men…

…this dude was the only one in the house wearing herringbone and an ascot with sneaks.

And lastly, this guy…

…matched his T-shirt to his Nikes, and accented the whole ‘fit with a cool belt.

Peace Up, A-town down (Smootches)!

Want great places to shop in Atlanta???
My fabulous sister recommends the following boutiques:
*Go to Bill Hallman (www.shopbillhallman.com)
for unique soho inspired pieces. Bill Hallman is located in Little Five Points and Virginia Highlands (bonus: Virginia highlands features great vintage dresses, shoes and clutches).

*Pieces of Adrene (www.piecesofadrene.com) has great one-of-a-kind finds. Perfect for club outfits to get crunk!

*Envy (www.theenvylife.com) has great club clothes for the grown and sexy.

*Tease (www.teaseshirtjunkie.com) is a small boutique, perfect for those looking to make a statement. They feature a line of ethnic friendly shirts, including messages like “Little brown girl” and “I love my hair”!

*If all else fails you can head to Lenox Mall-shopping central where the young and fabulous of A-town hang. Recently spotted in Lacoste, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Louis Vuitton were Andre 3000, Usher, and Bow Wow getting their shop on. And if these stores aren’t “posh” enough for your tastes, head across the street to Phipps Plaza, home to Atlanta’s most elite stores.

8 thoughts on “Real Style: Atlanta Edition”

  1. the first girl’s (white top, black belt) outfit is a little overdone. the top itself has enough of a personality and doesn’t need so bold a belt. something more fitted (sans the bow) for the belt would’ve been more appropriate, i think. however, i like the concepts for all the outfits posted today.

    yayyy for GA!


  2. Yeah, but they also carry shirts that say “Platinum Pussy.” I guess there’s no better way to advertise that you’re a whore? Who would wear such a tacky shirt?

  3. i just wanted to leave a message for Claire because i actually am living in the A-town now and i had to have a good laugh with this blog. I never really thought of people in the Atl as having style, like the first person that commented everything is always so extra and overdone, yet every once in awhile u see someone like that girl in the trench coat walk past with a hot look. Myself am from cali so i am a mix of cali and NY (i consider NY my second home) I like that u included another state though of style so we can see the different looks coast to coast.

  4. Thanks for highlighting Atlanta style and including some of my favorite boutiques! Girls here can be a bit extra with the accessorizing, but I love that these women are absolutely fearless when it comes to presenting their style.

    This blog is a must-read for me. Finally, I don’t believe I’m alone in my obsession with fashion trends. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to take notice of your work. Little brown girls everywhere are counting on you to represent :)

  5. As a fellow Georgian transplanted in NY I will agree that Unique style in
    Atlanta is hard to find. The first two girls looked cute, but I promise that
    if you kept clicking that camera you could have caught about 10 other girls
    sporting the exact same look!
    The trench coat girl was definitely stylish and If I saw her around the A I
    would probably give her some kudos for her look!
    I love the boy with the Coat and sneaks…very fresh, very Andre 3000 meats
    Young Joc.
    Atlanta style is certainly not on the same level as New York Fashionistas
    but they (we) are definitely doing our thang.

  6. I’m so weak at these pictures, i guess this would be considered old school now.

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