“There is a frustration in what we do…In a sense, there is not a road, not a path, that we go down… We can’t just sell the magazine. We have to sell the audience. We have to explain that our audience buys things, that they are valuable. It’s just plain dollars and sense.”– Michelle Ebanks, group publisher at Essence Communications Group, in a New York Times article dated December 7th, 2004.

Hi ladies,
Today The Fashion Bomb presents a tribute to Suede Magazine.


To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention to Suede when it popped in on newsstands with its colorful covers and brown hued beauties. I believe I flipped through the premiere issue with Alicia Keys on the cover…

…remarked at how a few spreads gave me a mild headache…

…then sort of forgot about it.

I’m kicking myself for being so apathetic about it…One of my homies over at Essence recently showed me a few issues and I instantly fell in love with the eye catching beauty spreads…

Innovative fashion shoots…

And engaging art, historical, and political features…

Yes, that’s an article about Barack Obama before his presidential bid!

Suede displayed everything from sunglasses…

to contributors…

to letters to the editor…

…in eye catching and inventive ways.

Plus, it seems Suede was the place to go for style addicts like myself…

I mean, we’re talking about ankle boots now, but Suede featured booties back in 2005!

I love me some Essence, and the young Vibe Vixen is certainly growing on me. But, for us brown skinned ladies who moonlight as fashionistas, I loved Suede’s multiple fashion spreads featuring women who look like me….one issue of Suede had about 5 spreads! Vogue only has 2, maybe 3. (Perhaps it was those expensive shoots, though, that drained Suede’s bank account.)

Regardless of the reasons it closed its doors, I believe I speak for many women when I ask ‘Where for art thou, Suede?’
What do y’all think?

PS A Women’s Wear Daily article by Marc Karimzadeh reports today that designer Stephen Burrows, who I wrote about here, will premiere a new daytime line at a lower price. The article says, “the new dresses [will] wholesale from $125 to $195, compared with $225 to $880 for the evening line. At the lower price points, the new pieces are likely to sit with Nanette Lepore, Tracy Reese, and Diane Von Furstenberg at specialty stores.” The piece goes on to say that the line, “Will open to the market on Feb. 7th for fall distribution.” Unfortunately what the piece DOESN’T SAY is WHERE WE CAN BUY this new line. What good is a lower price point if noone can find it??? Updates to come!

39 thoughts on “The Fashion Bomb Remembers: Suede Magazine”

  1. This is so crazy. I was just thinking about this magazine. I received two issues and they just stop comming after that. I frantically searched the internet for any information and was sad to read they were no longer putting it out. I enjoy Vibe Vixen and I am excited that Honey is comming back, but nothing compares to Suede. O and nothing compares to the Fashion Bomb either, I LOVES IT!!!!!!

  2. I love Suede, still have all four issues. At first the spread was too visually stimulating, but it was ahead of its time. And like you said, unfortunately, it was too costly.

  3. Same Here I LOVED me some Suede, especially the shots of the Chic sistas just out and about on the streets….sad indeed…guess we jus gotta keep supporting our blog sistas/fashionistas :)

  4. I definitely agree with you about missing Suede. It was a great magazine. Vibe Vixen tries, but it’s not quite there yet.

    Love your blog! Keep up the good work! =)

  5. Tyra’s Suede cover is too fabulous, I’m loving the look of this new mag. I must check on it.

  6. I remember when I was first introduced to Suede – it was at the Essence Music Festival and I got a free subscription for all 4 copies! I too thought that some of the articles were really busy, but on the other hand it’s what made them SO different than any other fashion magazine (black or white). I don’t think there is hope for a resurrection, but one can only hope!

  7. I was too old for Suede’s demographic (early 40s), but I did buy the magazine and enjoyed it, particularly the Greek section (I am a member of an NPHC sorority).

  8. yes, Suede was fabulous! thanks for laying it out for us!

    I LOVE your blog, by the way!


  9. I absolutely loved Suede.It was such an awesome magazine. Suede and Honey can never be replaced. . .Vibe Vixen’s ok, I subscribe to that as well but it just doesn’t come close. Thanks for keeping it Fab sweetie.

    Yewie :)

  10. When I received Esscence in the mail in place of Suede I was devastated. Suede was WAY ahead of it’s time! We can only hope for a resurrection.

  11. I’m a big fan of this blog, and I read it almost daily. I just HAD to comment on this post . . . I loved Suede, and was so disappointed when it just disappeared. After I read this, I pulled out the only issue I’d saved (the one with Zoe Saldana on the cover) and read it from cover to cover . . . it was a great magazine for style addicts like us, and this was a fitting tribute. :-D

  12. I hope that one day Suede can come back. I still have my copies. Can’t quite get rid of them.
    It was such a revolutionary magazine. Beautifully done.

  13. i loved suede-paid the subscription, received four copies and that was it! hope it makes a comeback. but essence still owes me for the reat of the issues i signed up for.

  14. *sigh* Here Here! I still have all four issues. I remember buying the first issue with Alicia Keys on the cover and losing my breath! “This is the magazine from my dreams!” It was about time that us younger black girls got a mag for us! And then the art direction was magniificent! Needless to say, I’m keeping my mags! Forever!

  15. I loved that mag too. i still have all my copies. That was the best mag ever. I signed up after the first issue…. they still owe me too :)

  16. It was love at first sight with Alicia Keys on the cover I bought and subscribed at first glance to Suede. I like the others on the blog kept my 4 issues I treasue them. No other magazine has that same appeal but nice try. Suede was too hot was it’s own good!!

  17. Wow, I miss the magazine as well. It was sooo cool, on a totally different level. Is there any way it will come back?? I remember when that magazine first came out, my friend and I said we would work for Suede free! It was so forward and innovative in more than just fashion.

  18. I was in love with Suede the minute I saw it! I always said it was the black vogue! I could relate to this magazine and I couldn’t wait for the next issue, until there was no next issue. I subscribed to it and after about 3 or 4 issues it stopped coming. I was so disappointed. I searched for answers only to find out there was no more Suede. And there also was no refund for my paid subscription only complimentary Essence magazines, which was okay but not really excited to have. Nothing did it like my Suede. I still check out the newsstands in hope that one day Suede will appear again. Until then…

  19. Like someone else who posted above, I only received the last two issues before it folded. I was wondering if anyone knew how I could go about getting the first two issues. I’ve called Essence with no luck. If anyone would wish to sell them to me please email me Iv*********@ya***.com. Price is negotiable. B l e s s.

  20. Hello fellow Suede Lovers/Readers… I was reading late last year (November or December) that Suede will be returning… YES that’s what I said, it is coming back. The debut issue is supposed to make its mark either summer of this year or later. Once I find the sight where I read it, I’ll post it! Until we meet again….

  21. someone threw mines away….You don know how angry I am!The pages themselves were inspirational. I had a whole new look on life in fashion. I miss the mag. when it comes back, I desperately want to intern!

  22. you just don’t know! I LOVED this magazine. I was so unbelievably sad when they said that it was to be no more. I wanted to start a petition but… never happened. looks like i’m not the only one. maybe we can’t start the petition right here! This mag needs to be back in circulation ASAP!

  23. We NEED Suede back! I’m a freelance writer and I’d b apart of itz comeback for FREE!!


  24. I was very excited to buy all 4 issues of Suede and I still have them. I think they are the best magazine ever for black fashionistas. To me it was better than Honey, ebony, vibe vixen AND Essence. Essence doesn’t have enough fashion but I still love it too. I think what cost Suede was the questionaire that was inserted. They sent me a 10 dollar check for filling it out. I’m sure that added up!

  25. suede was one of the most colorful, creative, and upscale magazines for black fashionistas ever created. i love how they showed everyday glamourous fashionistas of color. bring suede back!

  26. I STILL have all my issues of Suede. Man, I miss that magazine. There should be at least an internet petition or something for it.

  27. OMG!!! I was just thinking about the magazine & i’m so glad i googled it to discover other fans such as myself who have been wondering what happened! I really want Essence to bring back Suede!!

  28. Wow, this post is a little late, but I just got an impulse to look for any clues about Suede magazine after watching an episode of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane. I subscribed to Suede before it hit the market and only received three of the four issues. As far as I know, Kimora was not a cover model for any of the four issues. Now I love me some Kimora, and her fabulousness might have gotten her a suede cover for herself that exists nowhere else. But I just had to see if someone…anyone out there has a copy of Kimora’s “alleged” Suede cover. Also would love to have the Tyra issue that I never received. Thanks and God bless.

  29. My name is Richard Christiansen, and I was the Creative Director of Suede. When the magazine closed we were all very upset, because we loved it so much. Its not until now, many years later, that I found this page. these comments mean so much to me. thank you so much. Myself and the design department opened an advertising agency when Suede closed, named Chandelier Creative. You can visit us there any time at chandeliercreative.com


  30. I absolutely LOVED this magazine !!!! I still can’t believe it was so short lived . I cherish and occasionally flip through the issues that I have. I had a subscription . It is hard to believe that there is no publication for BLACK women that compares to the artistic way that SUEDE gave us of the moment fashion. I mean this is years later and still nothing. I like Essence but why is it the only magazine geared towards fashion for BLACK women ????? Its 2009!

  31. I was just starting obtaining my Fashion Degree, when I found Suede. I was so excited to see a representation of myself in a magazine. I new that it would not last long, because unless its dividing us or insulting us, we find it hard to support one another. I love Vogue, InStyle, W and Elle, but I slack at times on issues, but with Suede I bought all four when they came out. I actually waited with baited breathe to explore what new innovative idea it came up with. I wish I could get that feeling again with other Magazines. I will miss it and continue to treasure my 4 issue that I acquired. I plan to pass them on to my daughters!

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