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So London Fashion Week has been pretty hectic writing for Vogue.it! Everyday I’ve had about 4 or 5 shows, which means I had to hit the ground running almost as soon as I got off the plane!
It was pretty chilly, but bright over the weekend. Thankfully I packed my Theory Cassius Coat and Grey Ant Status Sunglasses.
claire sulmers theory cassius coat london fashion week fall 2013
Underneath, I opted for all black with a pop a blue, specifically an Alexander Wang Leather and Jersey Dress and my Peter Pilotto x Nicholas Kirkwood pumps.
claire sulmers nicholas kirkwood pilotto shoes alexander wang dress
nicholas kirkwood peter pilotto shoes claire sulmers fashion bomb daily london fashion week
I tend to go for the simple, chic route.
claire sulmers london fashion week style diary alexander wang dress

What do you think?
claire sulmers theory fur coat grey ant sunglasses

Photos by Emmanuel Prodano. Coordination by Joy Ejaria.

36 thoughts on “Style Diary: London Fashion Week Fall 2013”

  1. You look FAB from the ankles up, those shoes are not it and they do nothing for you. That dress though, exquisite.

  2. Damn Claire those shoes….I will be having a great day after that, you just gave me a good dose of Vitamin F(ashion).

  3. I love everything about your look!! I’ve been following your blog since the beginning. I love how your style has evolved……it’s so grown up!

  4. In all honesty, I believe you should have gotten a bigger size in your dress.
    How do I know this?
    Because your boobs are squashed and flattened in the dress. Also, the jersey part of the dress is too tight and doesn’t give of the fully intended drapery. The seam of the sleeves should also be parallel to the ball of your shoulder, and your isn’t. It looks like lifting your arm is even uncomfortable.

    Disclaimer: I know you are the owner of the blog, and people shy away from saying anything negative about you, in order not to get banned/ blocked, but you did ask what I thought…

  5. Thanks for the kind words, guys!
    @Ewurafua Funny story about this dress. When I bought it, it was indeed too small in the bust. So I bought extra leather, took it to Master Alterations in New York, and had the bust constructed to fit me. It’s basically custom made. The seamstress left it a little tight because leather does stretch. But I guess since this was the first time I wore it, it hadn’t stretched enough. Or perhaps my seamstress didn’t do a good enough job.
    At any rate, I don’t ban people who make negative comments about me, take a look at past Style Diaries. This is a free forum, and I welcome constructive criticism.

  6. i think leather is hard to pull off when you are curvy cos u dont want it to be too loose either. i wore a leather dress saturday night and i experienced the same thing with the chest area-it flattened me. its a beautiful dress. and beautiful shoes. i think the dress has enough bells and whistles that a simpler shoe would have been just fine.

  7. the shoes cut of the lines of your legs making them look short and that dress needs long lines especially with you having an ample figure. Like the dress but I’d try and pointy toe stiletto or pump

  8. I should have known my boo AW did that dress. You look AMAZING Claire as always! Watch out London…Claire’s turning it up!!!

  9. You look amazing! Just goes to show you don’t have to be size zero to look good in clothes! You go girl!

  10. i like it…i’m liking your style alot here lately (thought it was a bit busy before- sorry). IMO I don’t think the shoes cut you off because there is enough open work in them whereby your skin is shown right down to your feet- thus allowing the eye to travel down….

  11. have to agree with d… I also am feeling your style a lot more lately. you are doing a great job Claire and you are a stunning woman

  12. strange at what efuruwa said….i actually was going to give u high praise for the way the twins were well packaged in that dress…as a busty lady i appreciate well packed perky twins and u get top marks for that, i like the dress on u. i like the shoes too…i just don’t know if i like them together

  13. claire does it again! though i think this is a “looks better in person” outfit. interesting cuz i was like if she were wearing a turban it might bring those shoes together then I noticed your hair and kind got it more.

  14. Claire,
    I love that you had the dressed altered. I’ve dreamed of doing the same…How did you choose a place?

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