Today’s Bombshell is Kyasia from Nevada:
FBDO-021813-Kyasia from Las Vegas
She says, “I’m 19-years-old, and I live in Las Vegas.”
photo (1)
” I would describe my style as unique….”
“… and timeless.”

kyasia from las vegas

” I love fall and winter season styles…”

kyasia from las vegas 1

“…and dark colors.”

02 kyasia from las vegas
” I’m particularly interested in layering.”
0 kyasia from las vegas
You definitely have your own look, which I can certainly appreciate! Cute pieces.
What do you think?

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39 thoughts on “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Kyasia from Las Vegas”

  1. I think I have internet fashionista overload because this girl is super cute and extremely well put together especially being 19, yet I just feel like I’ve seen it all before

  2. She looks cute and I like her hair, but I feel like EVERYONE and their mama is doing this style

  3. I agree that a lot of people dress like this, but I also think that she looks comfortable and cute. I like it.

  4. Layering? In Las Vegas? She should get extra points for that alone unless she only goes out at night. Cute girl, okay style

  5. I like it …its age appropriate… but I am 29 … I wouldn’t dare try this. Especially since I am a professional … But how I’d love to be feel free enough dress up and wear this to work, grocery store, church … C’est La Vie. In another life … Possibly Maybe

  6. Beautiful always! Your style is always your own….no matter where are you are. Keep it up bi-coastal diva!

  7. love that sweatshirt. Would love to see a version for men. I like the slightly provactive shirts on a fine azz man. My x had a shirt with foxxy brown on it that I bought for him, #swoon

  8. I really love her style but I wouldn’t describe it as unique. I digging the all black outfit.. dope and simple at the same time!

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