Sheath Dress: Straight, narrow fitted dress usually with no waistline, but shaped to the body by vertical darts, or with set-in waistline; Tight fitting dress with regular waistline seam or set-in waistline and sheath skirt which is very narrow at hem and slashed at back to facilitate walking.—Fairchild’s Dictionary of Fashion

So sheath dresses have been popping up on many the red carpet lately. The supremely classic silhouette works on any body type (belted versions are better as to create an hourglass shape), and the style is an effortless work piece. Let’s take a look at how a few celebs rocked ’em recently:
Elise Neal looks sultry and chic…


…in a tweed dress with tights at a SlimFast Event January 8th.
Gabrielle Union works a hot red sweetheart sheath…. the Jimmy Choo Flagship Store Opening in Beverly Hills last Friday.
And Regina Hall…
…dons a strapless beige body skimming option at the First Sunday premiere on January 11th.
Get similar work ready looks with the following:

Throw on a cardigan or blazer to complete the look.
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*Singer Beverly Knight was spotted out and about in London on January 11th. Get a similar coat with this…
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*This article is a bit old, but here’s another way to get a fashion internship. Very unfair, but you gotta do what you gotta do…

3 thoughts on “Spotlight On: Sheath Dresses”

  1. I LOVE all of the dresses, but Elise has a shape that just won’t quit. She is wearing that dress!! I guess I should get back in the gym. LOL! Thanks for the post.

  2. I am so glad that you wrote that post about the jeans. I have been getting my jeans patched since freshman year of college. Jeans can last – and being a curvy girl i totally feel you on the issue of finding a pair of jeans that fit.

    Long-live the tailors (especially for all those gowns that you only wear once or twice- I have turned about 3 long gowns into knee length cocktail dresses and sheath dresses)

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