So one of my friends recently suggested a inject a bit more of my “real life” into the blog. If you were here in the beginning, you might remember that all I did back then was take you shopping with me!


Well, I recently had a situation to which, I think, a lot of you curvy girls can relate: My absolute favorite pair of Seven Jeans (purchased at Saks for $187) had sprouted two gaping frays at the thighs, similar to this:
…it was tragic! No other jeans fit me like my Sevens, and I didn’t really feel like shelling out another $200 for a new, potentially inferior pair!
Granted, I probably shouldn’t have been teaching my little sister a dance to Flo Rida’s “Low” in my jeans, but I still felt that they had a bit of life left in them.
I asked my mom, who is an expert seamstress and dressmaker (and who has worked the stuff out of hems, buttons, and the like), and she delivered a sad verdict, “They can’t be fixed, throw them away!”
Not to be deterred, I went to my local dry cleaner…

…to see if there was any hope.
They looked at the damage, and unfazed, said it could be done in a week for $15.
I returned later to pick them up, and Voila…
…I couldn’t believe it! Minus a slightly lighter color, there was little sign of the prior fray. My friend and I were flabbergasted. I looked and saw they placed a very serious looking patch inside…
Long story short, my jeans were (almost) as good as new!
So if your favorite pair of jeans has been relegated to the”weekend” pile, or if you’ve lost hope, know that there is a solution:
Just throw in a $15 patch and keep it moving!
Hope that helped someone out there…

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*I’ve had tailor success before! Click here to read about how my tailor helped fix a puckering jacket.
*Don’t have this problem? Here’s an early mail bomb for ya:
Reader Mataya loved Mel B’s dress in this picture. She says, ” I was wondering where to find the Dress that Mel B is wearing?”

Mel B is wearing this Roberto Cavalli creation…
…from his Spring 2008 collection.

Get a similar look with the following sequined showstoppers:
Bottom Row: Carmen Marc Valvo Sequin Keyhole Dress, $514, www.saks.com; Snowball Dress, $230, www.fcuk.com.
*Know a great tailor in your area? Leave a comment and share the wealth!
*No more Isaac Mizrahi for Target.
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15 thoughts on “Real Talk: How to Fix Frayed Jeans”

  1. Girl I had the same problem with my favorite 7’s. I actually had two pair that I wore for about 2 years and had them repaired at the cleaners. It was a life saver, but after one repair the constant friction wears the color out then eventually the denim and the patch is completely visible! Yikes! That’s when it’s time to purchase a new pair, lol. But if you wear them frequently you can get a few years out of them.

  2. I thought it was just me, Claire!! My favorite pair of 7s did the same thing about a year ago – I took it as a sign from the fashion gods that it was time for me to work on slimming my thighs. Same thing with another pair of jeans by Banana Republic…

    I will be pulling them from the back of the closet and heading to the cleaners, although here in Atlanta I’m sure they’ll urge me to just buy a new pair.

  3. ALLL of my jeans do that! I Like seriously. And I always take them to the cleaners. Sometimes the patch work is a lil wack, but it still works. And ladies, it has NOTHING to do with your weight/thighs. Trust me cuz I’m a stick.

  4. are those Reno??? cause the same exact thing happened to mine, except it was a full blown hole that a tiny flap of skin would escape from when i sat down (gross!) i sewed in some fabric in a desperate attempt to save them (my SECOND pair of the exact same style) and never wear them in fear it will be their last dance.

    THANKS for the tip!!!!!

  5. My jeans are starting to have those fuzz balls like your sweater gets in the thigh area, but I have not had the hole as of yet.
    I live in Houston and I always have to have my clothes altered becasue of my height. I always take my clothes to Marcello’s in the Galleria. He is the best he will even get your clothes back to you the same day, for a extra fee of course. He did some alterations on Jant Jackson’s outfit for SuperBowl, Nipplegate.

  6. SO glad to know it’s just not me either!!! My FAVE pair of black sevens did that and I would only wear them out with a long tunic just in case! Going home to take them to the cleaners! Thanks for the info!!!

  7. Thank you soooo much! This has happened to me for eons, no amtter what size or brand I have worn. I have a few that I jsut CAN’T let go of int he attic… think I may head to the dry cleaners this weekend for some quickie repair!

  8. My 7s did the saaaaame thing to me! I had them less than a yr. and one of the legs just wore right through. 7s cost way too much for the denim to thin that easily.

  9. Nina Garcia says find a tailor and stick with him!! I finally found one, so far so good. I just wish I knew about the patches a couple yrs ago—lost a lot of good ones ;-(

    I like that dress better on the model than Mel B

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your frayed jeans dilema/solution! My favourite pair of Citizens recently frayed, and I’ve been wearing them with the rips, refusing to throw them out. Now I’m gonna head to the cleaners ASAP :)

  11. I just read your blog about your blessing from the tailor Gods with your Seven jeans, just recently I had an epiphany on the fit of my clothes and I’ve been interested in finding a good tailor in DC. I wanted to see if you had any suggestions for this area.

    Thanks so much, I love your blog!

  12. Claire, this is such an awesome tip! Those of us with thighs and hips encounter this problemo w/ our jeans constantly. Such good service in this post.

    Now I’m off to take my fave Habitual trouser jeans to my tailor for a lil’ makeover too. lol

  13. I thought it was just me too!
    will def try the tips you have sauid…cos im running out of money buying new ones!!

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