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So ever since the most Fashionable Fashion Bomber contest, readers have been sending me pictures of their fly style.
Reader Kishonda was impressed by her coworker’s outfit recently….
She says, “I had to take a picture of my co-worker Dowmecia today. She is doing it Supa Fly style! This is Philly reppin! Thanks for the inspiration!!

So what do you think?
Does Philly have great style?

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*Thanks for alllll the birthday love. You’re the bomb!
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12 thoughts on “Real Style: Philly”

  1. Her effort is noted but it looks like she got caught in the matrix in a bad way. Philly tends to have this weird type of style that’s a clash between decades; lacking effortless style.

  2. happy belated b-day, claire. i hope you have an eventful and fulfilling year.

    as for dowmecia’s outfit, i don’t really like it. i think separately a lot of the pieces look great, but together they add up to an unispired typical outfit. there’s nothing terribly stylish or creative about it.

  3. I’m not really a fan of the overall look but I also love the cognac color. My opinion is that a tailor could cut this coat into a shorter jacket – I think it would be a more interesting piece that way.
    (never underestimate a good tailor)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday!!

    Did you know Cole Haan is having a semi-annual sale? Up to 40% off? I think I remember you raving about their shoes on your new year’s resolutions blog.

  5. Does Philly have style?
    I say: Hell YES!!!

    I think we are confusing style with fashion. People love to hate on Philly (namely those from NYC) but if I saw her walking down the street, I’d be like “She’s got style.”

    Her outfit is not my taste, but she is doing “her” and doing it well. Let’s admit there are a lot of things celebrities put together that we wouldn’t wear together, but would love to borrow pieces. Please believe that I would borrow her cognac coat. Work it Philly Sista!

    The Philly Girl JOY
    Most Fashionable Fashion Bomber 2007

  6. Heyya.
    I dunno where im supposed to contact you but..
    im in search of a purple prom dress
    which isn’t too dress up or too over sexed.. just something sexxy and chic..
    also I can’t seem to find red peep toe heels to go with the dress ..
    lots of love :)

  7. New to this blog.
    It is the BOMB! :)

    As far as Dowmecia’s outfit. Its cool. It seems a bit heavy. The pieces are great (i.e. hat, jacket) but they should be worn seperately.

    For example that jacket would look hot with a simple short dress or a white buttoned blouse with blue jeans. The hat would be great with a plain white tee and awesome earrings…just an idea.

    But hey, she is doing ‘her’ which is what style is all about. :)


  8. Happy Belated! I’m sure you celebrated in style over the weekend. :)

    As for the Philly Look–It is a little Shaft-like. I agree with a lot of the comments on a different way to wear it that would be a bit more current. But….I agree that she’s doing it her own way which does express her personal style.

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