So today I wanted to shine a spotlight on up and coming Dominican model Arlenis Pena…


After her sparkling ‘debut’ as it were in Vogue’s July issue, I thought it fitting to relay her tale for those who don’t know:
A designer caught sight of 18 year old Arlenis in her native Dominican Republic, and knew he was looking at something special. He took a snapshot of the beauty, and sent it to Marilyn Agency in New York. Impressed with her pic, they arranged for her to fly to JFK–she was subsequently booked on the spot. She debuted on the runway for the holiday Banana Republic Show in NYC…
…then went on to stomp in Christian Dior’s Resort 2008 show this past March…

…aside from her editorial in Vogue’s “Is Fashion Racist” article, also keep an eye peeled for her in the Italian Vogue issue (on newsstands soon, I’ll let y’all know!)
It’s exciting to see new blood. Looks like Bethann’s dream of diversifying the runways is coming to fruition!

9 thoughts on “Spotlight on: Arlenis Pena”

  1. omg amazing. good for janet. lord knows she be wearin some killer bras. i know y’all remember the i get lonely video.

  2. She is gorgeous, and I am loving the green and blue flirty romantic dress! I want one! (Similar)

  3. She’s gorgeous. Love her eyes and skin tone.
    I’m happy for this sister from the other side of our island.

  4. Glad to see a fellow Dominicana make it (and a black one–thank goodness. maybe people are starting to learn that not all latinos look like J-Lo, Salma Hayek, and Penelope Cruz).

  5. She is gorgeous! I am so happy to see a new face of color blood on the runways! Thanks for bringing this beauty to light.

  6. great post.. she is def. a talent. and seeing more black & brown faces is refreshing to say the least..
    [aside] love this blog

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