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*Speaking of changes on the runway, Fashionista reports that the DSquared Men’s Fashion Show in Milan was dominated by men of color…

DSquared Diversity

In reverse of how shows usually go, the majority of the models were black, with just a couple majorities. Now, there’s a delightful rumor on COACD, that next week’s Lanvin show will have an “all ethnic” line up.” Read more here [Fashionista]
*Mon Dieu! Go to!! On the homepage, you’ll see Look of the Day, asking visitors to vote on the best looks from the BET Awards:

WHAT??? This is crazy. Sexy? Cool? Click here vote.
*According to WWD, Janet Jackson is set to launch her own lingerie line…
…she was very mum on the details, however. I imagine her rolling out lots of corsets, garter belts, and bras with detachable cups!
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7 thoughts on “Men of Color in DSquared Show + BET Awards on”

  1. Wow! Seriously? I hope the rumors about the Lanvin show are correct. kind of suprised me there…

    I hope all of this lasts. I hope designers, editors, etc. realize this booking ethnic models thing is not a trend and it goes on for more then a couple of seasons. I hope it lasts but part of me feels like this is just a temporary show and tell thing for some…

  2. I hear that Donatella Versace wanted the Mens Fashion to be influenced by the one and only Barack Obama. The shirtless men did not remind me of his style in the slightest…but it was a good look!!!

  3. Arlenis is stunning!

    About the Look of the Day: I was JUST lamenting the fact that the person of color usually gets the lowest percentage of votes. I’m so elated that we only have women of color to choose from. It’s sad, but the smallest nod from sources (that I endorse) that usually ignore us is enough to make my day.

  4. Yes I agree with May and hope it’s not just some kind of trend/flavor of the month thing.

    Italian Vogue should be out this weekend or early next week. I’ve gone by my local newsstand every day this week to ask about it.

  5. More importantly…who’s that model on the left in the black and white hat? Inquiring minds want to know…

  6. Hey Claire,

    Glad to see you posted all the goodies from the industry for the folks to check out…

    I am so glad to see that there are blacks all over certain catwalks this season and pray this continues and is not simply a trend… Of course, most of the Milan and Paris men’s shows remained as white as meringue. However, I must say that I was a tad bit disappointed with Dsquared and the way they used black models (the first time we have ever seen this many black boys on their runway). Of course, instead of using black models in their normal forward-quirky fashion shows, they decided to use them in this hyper-hip-hop show which almost looks a bit ridiculous for the time. It was like D-Squared doing Sean Jean circa 2004 – they even had the nerve to use Tyson Beckford. Is this progression or parody. I am sure if you look around the streets of Brooklyn even the young guys that are interested in fashion (not thugs) are wearing more fitted clothes and moving away from this stereotype.

    It’s so funny, I can still remember the days of seeing a beautiful Yves Saint Laurent fashion show (I just gave away my age) and watching a beautiful gown come down the runway. The beautiful gown was always what one noticed first and the stunning model of color was simply the cherry on the pie.

    We have to once again begin to look at ourselves as the beautiful black cherries of fashion because without our talent, creativity and color – the fashion industry would be as bland as a poorly whipped meringue.

    Love and kisses,


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