Sorry for the late post. What can I say? I have a summer Friday, and had a late night.
I did what I could, however…
…let’s get started!
First, reader M says, ” Could you please let me know who Lauren’s shoes are by???
… I love love love studs! I’ll be forever thankful!!
Seems Lauren is wearing these $250 Report Signature Masonic Sandals
…get ’em in nude (shown) or black at shopbop.com

Next Nikki says, “I saw this outfit and automatically knew I needed to have it for an upcoming party…
… Any idea where I can find it?!
Get a similar look with this jumpsuit and shoe combo:
1. ASOS Cheesecloth Bandeau Jumpsuit, $60. 2. Oh Deer! Jamocha Shoes, $78.  
Next, Fai says, “I adore Rihanna…almost to the point where it’s kinda scary.”
Are there any jewelry pieces that are must haves for Rihanna fans like me?
As you guys know, Rihanna gets tons of questions on this blog! I’ve profiled her jewelry game for several posts. I encourage everyone who writes in to search my archives (check the right hand sidebar), but for this question, I did the searching for ya!
According to this February 29th Post, Rihanna loves to stack on Kenneth Jay Lane Bangles!
In this instance…
She artfully layered his $98 gold Pyramid Bracelets..

And in this May 16th 2008 post ….
I found that once again, Rihanna stacked and mixed and matched different types of Kenneth Jay Lane Geometric Bangles...
Not one to stick to one tune, I found in this post
that she favors studs as well, like this $13 Triple Strap Bracelet:

And lastly, in this June 6th, 2008 post:
We found she was prone to wearing chunky necklaces like these:
1. Kenneth Jay Lane 16 Gold Twist Tube, $102. 2. Dookie Monster Triple Link Chain, $48. 3. Curb Chain Choker, $450.
In sum, to get Rihanna’s look, invest in some Kenneth Jay Lane bangles, studded bracelets, and chunky necklaces! For more Rihanna love, check out her archived posts!
Lastly, a wardrobe query from Quaneshia from Memphis! She says, “I have a question about what to wear with this dress...”
… I absolutely love the colors and the dress fits me like a dream. The black shoes the model is wearing are definitely NOT an option for me. Please help me with some accessory suggestions (shoes and bag) that will make this dress standout. I would greatly appreciate your help.”
Since this dress has yellow accents, I say you go with accessories to pick up on that. Try these:
1. Flap Front Clutch, $45. 2. Fendi Medium Baguette, $995. 3. Nine West Jaiya Peep Toe Slingbacks, $90. 4. BCBGirls Iriana Sandals, $50. 
That does it!
Off to enjoy the day:)

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  1. hey claire- i’d like to make a suggestion.. i actually wore the last dress-grey and neon green- to a senior banquet last month and i paired it with some orange heels from chinese laundry… but i also thought that white pumps would really set it off….

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