With no signs of the global pandemic coming to an end, most businesses are taking a hit, including the fashion industry. As retail stores have been padlocked and demand has nosedived, small apparel businesses are being forced to make a substantial pivot in their marketing and supply chain. Enter the glorious world of online marketing! 

In these trying times, fashion brands have had to switch to making a more prominent online presence. Several name brands spend billions every year on online marketing to keep their customers engaged. The up-and-coming fashion businesses, though, are taking a hard hit as they can’t pay such big bucks on their digital identity. If you are a small fashion business, here are a few tried and tested strategies to make it big online! 

Your Website Is the Goose That Lays Golden Eggs

The retail therapy experience may have changed, but that does not mean people have stopped shopping altogether! Your potential customers are equipped with the power of online shopping and some free time on their hands, which is why small businesses must invest in building a stellar website.

Your products are the lifeline behind your brand, make sure they are photographed well. You need your products to look as good as they do in real life, which may require some professional retouching. Hiring a photographer may seem like an unnecessary expenditure but may be worth its weight in gold. The next step is to strategically place these pictures so that they are easy to navigate and follow a specific theme. 

Your buyers may be wary about entering their card details if your website looks shady or unprofessional. Use your website thoroughly and look at it from a potential customer’s eyes to identify glitches and get it up and running smoothly!  

The Power of Social Media 

At times like these, when people are confined to their homes and glued to their mobile phones, small businesses need to make a strong social media presence. Using such platforms, you can easily showcase your apparel and market your brand. Your fashion brand must have active accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to create constant exposure.  

With the right content, you will be able to build a following on your accounts, eventually leading to sales. You can also closely monitor your customer’s preferences to help you plan for your future stock. 

Content Marketing is Social Currency

Just having an active social media account is not enough for a small brand struggling to survive during these hard times. The clothing market is exceptionally competitive, to say the least, and several new brands have been emerging every single day. To get your brand to stand out from so many other brands like yours is a challenge. 

We are what we share, and the content we put out for our potential customers helps build our brand identity. How your customers perceive you can make the difference between a ‘nice and affordable’ brand and a ‘fashionable and in vogue’ brand. 

Most successful fashion brands focus on creating content that is tailor-made for their potential customers. Small businesses can take a page out of their book and invest their time creating content that revolves around the fashion industry. Some examples include creating style guides, collaborating with influencers, and chic photoshoots.  

The Importance of Paid Social Media Advertisements for Small Brands 

The concept of paid online marketing is not a new one. Several fashion brands have successfully transformed their brand into a billion-dollar business by opting for paid social media advertisements. Big brands often allot a specific budget towards paid ads and hire marketing firms to attractively advertise their products. While doing so may not be feasible for smaller brands, it would be beneficial for them to identify their niche and target paid ads towards the select group. This could require a modest budget and help your brand gain some momentum. 

Use your creativity as a fashionista to create engaging content and marketing material to build your brand from the ground up. Some fashion brands even rely on online design tools like Smilebox to curate an attention-grabbing advertisement that makes users want to click on the ad. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes to create content that other fashion-forward shoppers would love. 

Perilous times like these can test your brand’s strength and perseverance. By investing in online marketing strategies, you can gain massive brand recognition and pave the way for a brighter future.