You would almost have to have been living under a rock to not notice the current trend and obsession with crystals. Influencers, celebrities and countless others have driven an interest in crystals and their perceived ability to have an influence over our lives. Spirituality isn’t new, nor is it going anywhere anytime soon, however, crystals seem to be the one facet of spirituality that is taking off in a big way. Whether it’s the look, feel or what the crystal is perceived to embody, there is a genuine movement for the collection of crystals. This guide is your go-to knowledge to better understand why we are drawn to crystal collecting.

What are crystals?

Crystals are, in short, atoms that have formed and arranged themselves into a repeated pattern, they often allow their surface to be reflective as well. Many collectors of crystals will tell you they are so much more, with most owning some array of the tumbled stones and rocks. In essence, crystals are solid materials that form in highly ordered structures and shapes. They come in an array of colours and sizes, depending on their makeup and are collected by many individuals all over the world. Crystals are most recognisable by their shape, with flat faces and often very sharp edges. What many collectors probably aren’t aware of however is that their shape isn’t what makes a crystal, a crystal. The geometric makeup of a crystal is what makes it so, the shape is the simple, popular and easiest way to identify it in the modern day.

Why are we drawn to crystals?

Spirituality has always played a large part in people’s lives, especially in specific pockets of the world and religions. Crystals are one of many different embodiments of spirituality, allowing people to feel more connected and in tune with their life. One explanation for why people are so drawn to crystals is the reported benefits of crystal therapy. This form of spiritual healing reports that crystals have the ability to heal a range of issues, from broken hearts to genuine pain. This lure of potential healing and help in a therapy that can be done at home, on the go or anywhere really is likely what draws a lot of people to this form of therapy. Crystals and spirituality in general are forms of self-love and caring. 

Many people love to do yoga, meditation, journaling and other forms of spirituality, crystals are another addition to this list. What people are really searching for is connection and peace, something that spirituality and now crystals offer. This search by such a large number of individuals has really given rise to the popularity of crystals. 

A large part of why crystals have soared in popularity in the spiritual community is down to the celebrity endorsement and support. Beloved individuals are standing behind crystals and the collecting of crystals. These individuals have an enormous almost cult-like following, creating a sea of crystal followers and soon-to-be collectors. Many celebrities are riding this wave of popularity and driving even more collecting, with some even putting crystal fragments into products like perfume. 

Why do people collect crystals?

Having understood the craze and desire behind crystals, it’s important to understand why individuals collect crystals. If you are a spiritual person who uses crystals, then a fair assumption might be that you only require one crystal to do any form of therapy. This is a common misconception, as crystals can embody different forms of healing, depending on what you need as an individual. Many people like to collect a variety of crystals to ensure they are capable of healing their different requirements. 

There is also the effect of popularity and information availability impacting people’s collecting behaviour. The more you hear about a new type of crystal, the more likely you are to want it. This happens frequently, meaning you are slowly over time or perhaps very quickly building a collection. The collection of crystals usually helps the individual feel more connected and in line with their spirit, ultimately creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, the more crystals you have the better you will feel.

This feeling of self-improvement and alignment drives people to ensure they have an adequate collection. There are many driving forces behind the collection of crystals, the most powerful is the need to ensure you are ready for any eventuality that life may present.


Crystals are not a new crazy, with their use dating back thousands of years ago, predominantly in Rome. Their use and collection in the modern day are heavily linked with spirituality and pushed significantly by popular culture or celebrities. The feeling of owning crystals, their ties to spirituality and the comfort or peace they provide are all key drivers of why people collect crystals. Whether you believe in crystal therapy or not, we can all agree that spirituality can take on many forms and so long as that is helping others feel at ease, then the outcome can only be positive.