Meggings have taken men’s fashion by storm, but it didn’t happen overnight. The viral fashion tights for men got a little help from social media’s biggest and hottest platform, TikTok.

If you’re just hopping on the trend by now, be sure to check out these male TikTok influencers on how they style their meggings, what are the best men’s leggings, and where to buy leggings with designs.


What are Men’s Leggings?

Men’s leggings are basically what they are–leggings for men! But what makes them different from a regular pair?

Unlike a regular pair of women’s leggings, men’s leggings are made with tougher and stretchier material to help aid the male wearers with their everyday errands. Another great thing is, men’s leggings don’t give off much of your junk! They are knitted specifically to cover up what needs to be covered up for the shy wearers. And some of the best mens leggings even have pockets and crazy designs to match your mood and style!

The Benefits of Men’s Leggings

Men’s leggings, or ‘meggings’, have been around for a little while now but are starting to gain traction. They offer many benefits over regular trousers, like an army of hidden stretchy comfort that won’t let you down! 

Men’s leggings have quickly become the go-to for men who want flexibility and range of motion that other pants simply can’t provide. Plus, a nice form fitting pair of leggings make any plain shirt look cooler and more stylish. And for those who are a little self-conscious, these also come in high-waisted compression leggings to help cover up a pot belly. 

Men’s leggings truly hit a sweet spot between style and functionality: not only do they keep you both comfortable and fashionable in equal measure, they also provide excellent support and breathability. 

So if you’re looking to get more out of whatever your day has in store, give men’s leggings a try!

Why Have Men’s Leggings Become Popular?

Men’s leggings are the new hot item in men’s fashion. They have been gaining massive popularity over the past few years since they offer incredible flexibility and comfort while still giving you a great look for any occasion. 

From slim-fitted pairs to loose-fitting ones, men’s leggings at various lengths and fits offer something for everyone. Not only that, but men’s leggings are also trendy, stylish and versatile–allowing the modern man to easily express his personal style without compromising on comfort or functionality thanks to these versatile fashion tights. 

From running and athleisure to loungewear, men everywhere have begun to realize just how practical and stylish men’s leggings can be, therefore, driving them to become one of the most-loved new items in men’s fashion. A lot of men are now asking where to buy leggings with designs, or how do I style these leggings, what are the best mens leggings? 

Look no further because here are some male TikTok influencers who are trailblazers of this hot new trend!

  1. @theallenye

Fitness is the most common area where men wear leggings! @theallenye is New York-based Tiktok influencer who shares a lot of do’s and don’ts and other gymtok related content!

He shares in one of his Tiktoks how leggings are the newest trend after the 5” shorts in the gym trend! Allen posts how his leggings show off his great quads and calves on his tiktok!

  1. @boysintights

Men wearing leggings isn’t something new. The tiktok account boysintights is a ballet or should we say balletok account that shares videos of men doing ballet in a standard pair of tights or high-waisted compression leggings!

Goes to show that the trend has been going on for a long time already! In fact, if we look even further back, the early male gymnasts did wear tights when performing their routines! This account is a great reminder that men in tights or leggings have been around longer than the actual trend!

  1. @Chris

Chris Olsen is a famous TikTok influencer! If he’s not hanging out with his best friend, Megan Trainor, or giving coffee to his famous friends, he is also seen wearing men’s leggings as he goes about his day in New York City!

In this TikTok Chris surprises his partner while wearing a pair of viral TikTok leggings! These leggings can be seen throughout Chris’ account while he’s working out at the gym or just taking a stroll around the city! This just goes to show that men’s leggings are a great and versatile piece to wear even for everyday.

  1. @benbarkerfitness

Ben Barker is another fitness influencer that shares back in 2021 how tights aren’t just for girls anymore–and he is right!

A big reason why there are still some guys who are on the fence about wearing tights in the gym or as everyday wear is because girls are seen more often wearing them than guys.

But if we look back, guys have been wearing tights longer than women!

  1. @extra_alexx

Extra_alexx shares on his TiktTk a few styling options for men’s leggings.

You can go the basic route and make it look “reasonable” with an athleisure outfit, throw on a hoodie on top and you can get away with wearing your leggings in public.

But no! We want to wear leggings as often as possible, even as casual wear! Alexx does exactly that and pairs it with a shirt and flannel! A great outfit to wear when doing errands or going out for drinks with friends!

Men’s Leggings are All the Rage! It’s Time to Hop on the Trend!

So are you sold yet? Tiktok influencers have already hopped on the trend, and no — it’s not limited to just in the gym. Men’s leggings are a great option to wear for doing errands and going out so don’t be afraid to slap on a pair and go on with your day! This hot trend is here to stay for a long time! 

So get yourself a pair or two, they come in a plethora of colors and designs to fit your style and mood!