Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield finally debuted her line She by Sheree last night:



Sheree went for classic silhouettes in muted colors like gray and black, and chose fabrics like satin, fur and chiffon. Seemingly simple designs were amped up with chunky jewelry and Southern flair:






Looks very Baby Phat, no?
Will you be rocking She by Sheree?

27 thoughts on “She by Sheree Debuts in Atlanta”

  1. Yikes, can’t say I love it. All the RHOATL ladies look healthy and happy!

  2. The designs are okay! Nothing open mouth surprising…I did expect her to make more simple t-shirts b/c that’s what most people do! At least she’s trying to be different. I absolutely love Candy’s look!

  3. Nothing I haven’t seen, but I still like it. The way she acted though you would think her looks would have been more exclusive & fresh.

  4. Her designs look ok, nothing to right home about. Anonymous is right nothing we have not seen before. A couple of the dresses you can find in Butterick pattern book, and they are too shiny. Who wear satin in this day and time?

  5. These garments are uninspiring, bland, and a bit boring for the most part. Instead of pushing the fashion forward envelope, she is creating a fashion back-slide. Perhaps it’s because this is her first time, and her creative juices are not ripe enough to produce something original. I look forward to seeing what else she has in store; however I will not hold my breath.

  6. Don’t be fooled. Its the smoke an mirrors that give these sad garments even a glimmer of hope. Beautiful models, professional lighting and chunky jewelry will make anything look nice. I want to see the work and the fabrics up close. The RHOA chicks will throw anything together to flash wealth and be seen on the scene.

  7. Sheree should have picked a better design to wear at her fashion show. Most of the designs look ok, but nothing to write home about. I wish the sister success though.


  9. Im not impressed……….i dont see much inspiration or effort in this line….everybody just isnt ment to design….NEXT…..

  10. Nice but needs to work ir for those who cannot afoord high fashion. Bring the tv views into the light of the fashion world. Make sure it is affordable for them and in styles they can wear everyday and to work.

  11. hmmm,
    too bland,looks like something from walmart or target at best….
    i wouldn’t buy that crap if it was on sale !!
    maybe the next show will be better…………i hope so because i really want to see her make it in the fashion world..

  12. I am so sick of wealthy people like (Housewives married to Rich and Famous Basketball and Football Players) oh and actors, singers turned fashion designer who all of a sudden think thay they are designers. It takes a lot of hard work and understanding on how to not only design a line but to execute it well. Just because you have money or become bored now you want to design. Just because you shop for yourself and know how to shop for your own personal body types and feel like you know fashion. All you know is fashion for yourself, which that shiny jumpsuit looks dated! I started sewing since I was 15 and now I am in my late 30’s and it has been tough as a designer but because I AM A TRUE FASHION DESIGNER WHO KNOWS STYLE, KNOWS FIT AND KNOWS WHAT FABRICS AND SILHOUETTES COMPLIMENTS VARIOUS BODY TYPE, I KNOW HOW TO DESIGN AND EXECUTE TO PERFECTION ON MY CLIENT OR FUTURE CLIENT. Her BS collection is nothing fresh, it’s a bunch of looks with over zellous looking jewlry…Lose the jewlry and this collection still looks incomplete and I am not crazy about how they style this jewly it makes the jewlry look BAD. Michael knight said it best on Atlanta’s Housewives show, all that he said is true. First when you design a line, don’t get the sample 1 or 2 days before your showcase, have fittings and make sure that what you invisioned is the way you imagined it to be, have enough time to correct or add or take away from it and make sure you have really good sample makers (check out the sample makers work). Now this email may seem harsh but it all is very true. I am sick of the rich who has the money to designa a collection. How about hiring A REAL DESIGNER TO TRULLY CONSULT YOU ALL THE WAY (a name or no name designer has a lot to offer such as myself), YOUR NAME IS STILL ON THE LABEL BUT YOU DON’T END UP GETTING HORRIBLE COMMENTS SUCH AS THIS…Now do me a favor and visit my website from a poor little black girl from ST.LOUIS MO. who moved to NYC to follow her dreams as a designer and if my name may or may not sound familiar it is because I showcased twice on BET’S RIP THE RUNWAY 2008 and 2006. I did straight sizes for most of my design life and when BET came to me I started doing Plus Size but because I have sewn and designed for many different size women of all shapss and sizes all over the US. I was able to make beautiful, sexy and fashionable clothes in a week for the 2006 BET’S CELEBRITY RIP THE RUNWAY and that is because that took years of skills and my true love of fashion and no how. Now if I had the money Sheree has to produce a collection, you best believe it would be on the level of the real designers who showcased on 7th on 6th.

  13. I tried to separate my opinion of Sheree’s designs from my opinion of her as a person.

    Having watched her on TRHWOA, I discovered that this is almost impossible. Like Sheree, these clothes are ostentatious and overwrought. I see only one design that caught my fancy as tasteful and elegant: the white satin blouse/ black skirt/ pearls setup that screams \I’m a Chanel and Lagerfeld wannabe!\ I am not hatin’ on the sister, but if she wants to make a wave in the fashion world, she needs to innovate, not immitate.

    Furthermore, she needs a Golden Rule shot in her pretentious butt. The way she treats others (namely, those who refuse to bolster her fragile ego) is an abomination. She reminds me a lot of my deceased grandmother, who put material things over the dignity of people. I am sad to say that at grandma’s funeral, no one had one nice thing to say about her. It was pathetic. It taught me that people are impressed with our inner substance, not the labels we wear nor the circles in which we run.

    This aside, I sincerely wish Sheree a safe, peaceful, actualized journey through the remainder of her career and life. I hope she finds out life’s most important virtues. The greatest among these are not appearance and accolades; they are substance and humility.

  14. Again, Omigod!!!! Look at this stuff?!!! so all it takes is a little bit of money and a lot of mouth??? what must the children be thinking? y’all funny in Atlanta!!!! If this is ‘rockin’ style in the ‘A’ – TROUBLE – I just moved here from Cali and I see better style/fashion at the mall!!!!

  15. I agree mostly with all the comments, and to me this entire line looked like something from a design student. And that maybe a dis to fashion students everywhere. All Miss Sheree did was copy all her favorite designers, and that’s the difference between being a designer and being a fashion lover. She does not have the ability to think of something in her head and then create it. All she see’s is what we all see from real designers. She took Baby Phat, Chanel, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs,and unfortunately a little bit of La Perla(lol) had someone draw it up and sew it up, and threw it on the runway!

  16. Hmmmmm….Wow… My heart goes out to Sheree…BUT …I completely agree with Erica above. And Props to you Erica! If you can execute a fashion idea as well as you executed your written opinion, I’m a taker baby! Sheree’s designs left my fashion appetite completely unsatisfied. Like 100% of the people before me in this blog, I too was waiting to see FABUlOUS.

  17. rock it? i don’t shop at wal-mart for my clothes.

    someone should have clued sheree in to the fact that real designers tend to present a cohesive vision of creative new looks, not a clusterf*ck of outfits that look like their “designs” were ripped off from the same clothes she’s been wearing for the last 5 years.

    this is what happens when a woman has too much money she hasn’t earned and decides to play pretend with careers.

  18. Where do you start? Do you comment on the first model flashing her breasts in the night gown, or the grey dress with the ashy knees and elbows, or the faux fro on the crack ho? I so agree with Qristyl on this one. With all her alleged money Sheree could have bought some class, taste, and orignality! I watched the show out of curiosity after hearing about the fiasco from last season, why did she go out of state for her “designer”? With SO many truly talented designers here in “The ATL” that could have allowed her to present something truly new and innovative. I also checked the “official website”, still nothing comes up. Try again Sheree, maybe the third time will be the charm.

  19. OMG, what a disaster. I feel bad saying this, but her line looks so cheap. She really needs to make a bigger effort if she is planning to keep this going.

  20. Qristal if you are the same chick form project runway….Ooo girl you need to stop your designs are so wack and unflattering…stick to Rip the Runway…

  21. Really some of these clothes were on the verge of being impressive. Like the white dress with the pockets. Just lose the fake fur throw blanket and the cuffs. Sure it would be a litte too wearable for what i think sheree was going for though. I say closet freak by lisa was a little better but i think if sheree really refines this stuff and thinks up some origional ideas (And doesn’t use so much tacky jewelry) she’ll have something here.

  22. I don’t think it’s all too bad, but I am a photographer.
    Give me a pretty woman and a cool dress and I’m happy.
    Can anyone suggest/give a link to some of the ‘On it’ folks?
    Who’s hot now in 2010?

  23. this shit makes me mad! it give black designers everywhere a bad rep… this is why no one will trust an emerging designer from Atlanta especially a black one.

  24. If you are in the entertainment industry, check out what this guy is doing. He host Film and Fashion Networking Affairs in Atlanta. His name is Pree Dammond. Cool dude. I like him

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