We’re riding on the coat tails of summer right now, and what better way to bring in the season than with some hot sunglasses?


You can’t have a collection of sunglasses without owning a pair of iconic wayfarers.


They’re favorites of Kanye and Pharrell who go for the classic look while adding in their own flavor.  Ray-Ban makes a mean pair!



Next up, oversized sunglasses. All you bomb chicks out there better not leave the house this summer without first copping a pair.


You rarely see Bey and Halle without a pair when they’re out shopping or jet-setting, or just blocking out the pesky papparazzi.  And Bey’s been rocking some interesting cat eye oversized sunglasses lately which are pretty hot! Here are a few pairs to bring out that inner Sasha Fierce:

Aviators will always be a constant for sunglasses fanatics.  They give off both a classic yet trendy vibe without overpowering the face.


Luda’s always donning a pair, and Cassie keeps it funky with her vintage Cazal’s and her hair.  Who knows?  Maybe Luda will be giving Cassie tips on how to keep that line-up sharp.



Vintage frames are definitely going to keep you stylin like the best of em:


Solange and big brother-n-law, Jay-Z aren’t strangers to the retro sunglasses game and both stay effortlessly fly!



And lastly, something we can’t stress enough this season. Color!  For those of us who have the luxury of hitting up the beaches this summer, put a little fun in your eyewear like Rih Rih and Amber Rose.


You can get a few ideas with these pairs:



PS: Is it just me, or has Amber been out of the limelight lately?  I guess we have to wait until another major fashion week.

Until next time!

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