Pure white with delicate techniques and intricate lace, Róisín Pierce presented their 4th Collection entitled “Beware, Beware,” at Paris Fashion Week that was inspired by Sylvia Plath’s poem “Lady Lazurus.”

The Irish womenswear collection that originated in 2020, was debut by Dublin designer Róisín Pierce, and showcased a variety of cowl neck dresses, boxy blouses, and bridal veils. Most notable for her all-white aesthetic and sustainable approach, Pierce’s brand is crafted by three generations of Irish lacemakers who collaborate to create scalloped edges, swirls, and cascading flowers using deadstock and recycled material. 

From crochet lace to ruffled lace and lace embroidered flowers, Róisín Pierce has used lace in progressive and unimaginable ways. Through Róisín Pierce, you can see the subtle delicacies of Irish craftsmanship and the line really taps into femininity while utilizing empowering textures.  We also saw layers of organza, motifs of Irish Wildflower and technical advancements with modernized structures.

Photo Cred: Róisín Pierce

The Róisín Pierce team expressed how, “the collection traverses the history of censorship and control, with an eye on government and the Catholic Church.” To remain on theme, Róisín Pierce’s presentation was held inside of the American Church in Paris so you really can see the dynamic power plays at hand with woman’s oppression and women’s empowerment.

It felt liberating to see designer Róisín Pierce taking a stance and bringing attention to women’s lack of freedom in Ireland and creating a new narrative. It’s essential that there are designers like Pierce who intentionally use their talents to highlight and fight for a cause while doing so in an innovative way. We all should start taking notes from Róisín Pierce as she intentionally understands the power of her role.

Photo Cred: Róisín Pierce