The pH level ascertains the acidity and basicity of a specific item. While considering this, you might be astonished that your vaginal pH balance is crucial to your vaginal health. Due to pH imbalance, you might notice an off-putting odor or itching in your vagina. This could be a proper indication of bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection. 

A healthy vagina is an amalgamation of friendly and non-friendly bacteria, which creates the vaginal microbiome. It’s responsible for maintaining the acidic pH of your vagina. This is how it can quickly combat infections and mitigates irritation. But whenever the equilibrium gets disrupted, a pH imbalance may occur. These are the top 4 signs that your vaginal pH might be disproportionate!

  1. Fishy or offensive smell

Every vagina has distinctive smells, which is entirely normal. But when the smell changes to something different, that say, completely unpleasant, it’s high time to visit your gynecologist and talk about your vaginal pH balance being disrupted. 

If you smell something fishy or rotten down below, this is a clear indication of pH imbalance. Probiotics have been proven to be the best solution for maintaining the natural pH of your vagina. So, consider having a natural probiotic for PH

  1. Pain or burning sensation during intercourse or urination

Soring or burning feeling during urination and sex could be the biggest results of distinct things. These can be generated by a pH imbalance state, for example, vaginitis, yeast infection, or bacterial vaginosis. 

  1. Unfamiliar or off-colored discharge

The color of healthy vaginal discharge is clear or white. It depends entirely on where you’re in your cycle. The color of vaginal discharge might have a red or pink hue tinge in case you had your implantation bleeding from a new pregnancy or period. 

But the discharge color should never be grey, green, yellow, or thick. If you have faced these, off-colored discharges, you must understand that your pH might be off-balance.  

  1. Itching 

Vaginal itching is the subsequent pH off-balance symptom, which you must not take casually. While it might just be skin dehydration from ladyscaping and neglect, your vaginal aching and itching may indicate that your feminine pH level has worsened. 

You may have an infection that involves bacteria. You probably have a yeast infection and should call your doctor immediately if it occurs, accompanied by dense white discharge, genital edema, or burning while urinating.  

These are the top 4 indications of pH off-balance, and your health can impact vaginal pH and hormonal status. A normal vaginal pH is achieved by women who drink plenty of water, maintain a healthy diet that comprises foods like yogurt, and engage in safe sexual behavior. 

It can be dangerous to apply harsh soaps to the vulva and genital regions. If you’ve ever been told to douche, don’t do it, as douching shouldn’t be done since it can remove the “good” bacteria crucial for maintaining genital hygiene. Believe us when we say that you don’t want to learn through trial and error what occurs when your pH equilibrium is awry.