Every third weekend in August, Londoners have an event called Nottinghill Carnival


…tons of people stream the streets of London’s Nottinghill and Ladbroke Grove neighborhoods to celebrate Caribbean culture, music, and food:
Turns out my vacation fell during this time, so I had the great opportunity to partake:
I was set on enjoying myself, but knew I had to capture just a tiny bit of Real Style to give you guys a taste of the Carnival!
Check it:
Hip hop chic was the trend, as this group flaunted their doorknocker earrings, dookie chains, and Adidas jackets…
These young ladies were eye catching in dresses with waist cinching belts, a herringbone patterned skirt with gladiator sandals, and a patterned top with skinny jeans….
This group had a lot going on, but captured trends I saw a lot in London: shorts worn with stockings and lots of plaid…
..and I did find a few guys, who were very fashion forward with hot hairstyles, shorts with suspenders, and English naval inspired jackets.
I’m off to Paris today…hoping the internet connection stays constant!