*Voting for the Black Weblog Awards ends August 31st!!!
Remember to vote for The Fashion Bomb under “Best Style and Fashion Blog” and “Blog of the Year”!!!!!
Also, show some love to blogs Concrete Loop, What Would Thembi Do?, Young, Black, and Fabulous, and Afrobella (I know she’s my competition, but she’s in multiple categories and a very smart writer).
*Fashion Week in NYC is coming up September 5th-12th…
…and the Fashion Bomb will be in the building capturing Real Style and schmoozing with Fashion’s finest. Fashion Week also coincides with the Fashion Bomb’s TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Stay tuned for a few cool developments (so excited!) including a NYC Fashion Bomb event!!! Details coming very very soon!
*This is a bit random, but I was tickled to see this on several Parisian Newsstands…
…even the French are saying, “Oui, Nous Pouvons!!!!” (Yes, We Can!)
*Moncler Jackets have done it once again, taking the typical puff jacket to the next fashionable level:

Nitrolicous has pictures of their new Gamme Rouge collection, a collaboration with designer Giambattista Valli. If you don’t know about Moncler coats, you need to ask somebody! In New York especially, ladies who lunch who need the warmth of a puff jacket, but the fashion of a cute coat tap Moncler for their marriage of function with sophisticated shapes. They’ll set you back quite the pretty penny, but look at those! Chic! [Nitrolicous]
*Check out my girl Kelly of Black & White PR and Mari J on their new Fashion Talk Show “Fashionably Yours“…
…Each Monday, starting September 8th, you’ll be able to hear Kelly wax on on all things fashionable. Not in NYC? Download her program here.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Black Weblog Awards + Fashion Week Fun!!!”

  1. OMG I just came back from paris and it was the YEs WE Can thing that got me too!! oMG Can believe I was in the same place as u!

  2. Awww! Thanks so much for the link love. I’m rooting for you in the Style category — I don’t cover style nearly NEARLY as well as you do! Maybe next year there’ll be a beauty category.

    I love me some Fashion Bomb!

  3. Hey Claire!

    It’s Mike from Upscale
    How’ve you been?

    Nigel told me that he ran into you recently. Love the blog. Good luck on your anniversary celebration on the 5th.

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