*Famous German teddy bear maker Steiff created a bear in the likeness of Karl Lagerfeld, replete with dark sunglasses, a dark suit, high collar and logo belt.
Only 2,500 limited-edition teddy bears will be launched at Neiman Marcus stores this September for $1,500 a pop. A $1500 Chanel bag, maybe. But a bear???? Not happenin!
*American Apparel has released a new line called ‘Afrika’…
…comprised of leggings, tube dresses, and tops in African inspired prints. African prints are suddenly very commercial…
*Remember when we debated whether or not Solange was a Style Star or a Work in Progress? Well, here’s another outfit to throw into the discussion…
..you can never say she’s afraid to step out the box.

8 thoughts on “Karl Lagerfeld’s $1500 Bear + American Apparel Afrika Print”

  1. I’m slowly starting to inch away from American Apparel. Ever since I read about the racism going on within the company, I’ve stopped shopping there. And these ‘Afrikan’ prints? Go in the wamp wamp files.

  2. I refuse to support AA due to their condoning of racist actions by their employees, their use of prepubescent-looking models, and their appalling objectification of women. The very idea that they would riff on African prints grosses me out. And to spell Africa with a “k” knowing the history that lies behind that? Nuff said.

  3. Omfg. Put a sock in it you twats. HOW IS THIS EVEN CLOSE TO RACIST? So there is tribal print? Cry about it. A black girl isn’t modeling it? I ave a feeling you’d all go up in arms if I black girl was modeling it anyways. You’re just as ignorant as the dude in the KKK hood. It’s a trend, it’s a hot print. Do you wear leopard print? OMFG UR SO RACIST AGAINST LEOPARDS.

  4. “perez” shut the f*ck up! She has valid ideas WIT good proof to why AA is clearly radical in their ads, especially with their ads – do your homework. Why dont YOU put a sock in it and have some respect for people who choose to articulate their opinion for offensive marketing..Get of AA’s jock why dont you and think for yourself! Thanks, idiot!

  5. Could you please be more specific as to why they have been racist rather than skirting over the issue as it is not clear to all of us, you may have done your homework but not all of us know what you are talking about? Personally I think the African prints are vile anyway.

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