While I was off attending shows, Fashion Bomb photographer Marta McAdams was on the scene, capturing chic moments with stylish attendees.

Take a look:

These friends sizzled in a patterned outfit, Céline bag, and YSL belt on the left and a Givenchy accented ensemble on the right. Fashion Week goers certainly cling to labels, but always add their own unique spins, as these two display.

Kitty popped in a hot pink maxi skirt, accented by a floral blouse. Cute!

Charie looked positively gorgeous in a black blazer and top, along with a pair of printed wide leg trousers. Her eye liner and red lip only added to her allure. Hot!

Black on black is always chic, and Karl knew the score! He worked a black top, boots, and pants. His main accessory? His mohawk.

Marshana also bet on all black, made unique by swaths of floating pink fabric.

Ade celebrated her birthday in a fun sequined top, urging everyone in attendance to “Say No to Drugs.”

Jean Claude and Sai of the blog Because I am Fabulous always come ready to be photographed! Sai’s green turban and sunglasses added an unexpected quirkiness to her regal printed gown. I’m loving Jean Claude’s sophisticated facial hair!

Martin and Rosemary also came to be snapped. Their African printed pieces certainly add interest to their looks.

This young lady embraced chic simplicity in a white top and black skirt, uplifted by a Tiger Print Zara blazer.

While some guests are more low key, others opt for opulence. Get into Eva’s Givenchy silver chiffon and sequin peplum jacket and Chanel Fall 2012 shoes. I am literally drooling at her hotness! She is not playing!

Fashion Week ladies love turbans! This diva let a printed headpiece accent an all black look.


And blogger and occasional Fashion Bomb contributor Joy Adaeze also chose the funky look, and went for comfort in two toned oxfords.

Kwasy skewed cool in printed pants and a preppy blazer.

And lastly, these three ladies truly went for classic chic, in shifts and reasonable heels.
As you can see, Fashion Week outfits can be relaxed or buttoned up, goth or glam. The only rule at Lincoln Center is to dress according to your mood and personality. You can’t go wrong!

What do you think of Real Style on Day 1 of Mercedez Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week?

Photos by Marta McAdams


29 thoughts on “Real Style: Mercedes Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week Day 1”

  1. I’m pretty sure Marshana doesn’t have on a turban *squints*

    ….and the dalmatian in the 1st pic is trying too hard. Style should come with ease.

  2. Dalmation….dead! That guy looks familiar though. I’ve seen him on a television show. Drawing a blank. I think some folk are definitely over the top and others their style seems forced. Just doesn’t seem authentic. My favs are the first two chicks and the lady with the silver peplum.

  3. I’m sorry, but in my opinion it looks like some people tried a but too hard to get noticed(not in a good way) with there outfits. I like the ninth and tenth pics

  4. None of these people look as though they are really in the fashion industry because all the outfits seem too forced. Those in the industry are more low key styled. These looks give me a headache.

  5. Marshana sorry honey I don’t think that’s a turban but that is an lace front and not a good one. Every man on here is dead wrong for not introducing their pant legs to their ankles. Looking like they shop in the boys section. Sai yes girl I’m in awe of your look! The ladies look great sans Marshana with the flowy dress thing…such a pretty face though.

  6. omg! mamareese, thank you for pointing that out…lol! i never questioned the “turban” on marshana because that lace front looks like a turban. i had to click on the picture & blow it up & you are correct. this is why black women need to leave those nasty things alone. WOW!

  7. What is up with all these turbans ans what about that African evening wear in the daytime during summer? People dont mind looking ridiculous in the name of fashion.

  8. sai i can’t…im in awe of all these approvals she is receiving….the only thing shes missing is the rose petals on the ground in front of here…….circa coming to america

  9. Sai really tho? I bet it was Hot as hell out there.
    I HATE THE LOOK!!! dressed like she’s going to an African church, wedding e.t.c
    like laurafashionablyblessed said i am in awe of the approvals she is getting.

  10. some cute looks, love the girl with the black dress with the floaty chiffon piece, very pretty.
    everyone else kind of looks like the typical fashionista.
    the jeans and silver jacket is very sexy.
    girl in the black mini with the graphic sweater and mustard heels, cute!

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