Hey there Bombers and Bombshells!
This morning I hightailed it over to Lincoln Center to attend the BCBG and Richard Chai shows. Fashion Week is such an exciting time, and Day 1 literally felt like the first day of school for me! I decided to bless the occasion with a schoolgirl inspired outfit, including a 3.1 Phillip Lim KA-POW Comic-Print Sweater and a Milly Delphine flared leather skirt:

Yes, I had my own Style Inspiration to Reality moment! After writing our What to Wear to Fashion Week Style Inspiration, I’d been dreaming of the sweater, so decided to splurge for the first day back at fashion school.

I also decided to try a new hairstyle!

Yesss! I was tired of curling and crimping my dreads and felt I had exhausted all my ‘updo’ options, so opted for no muss, no fuss braids. Don’t worry, my dreads are still under there! The magical hair stylists at Noel New York were able to braid over my hair. I’m excited to have fun with this style and not worry about twisting for all of Fashion Month!
At any rate…Ka-Pow, there you have it!

What do you think of my outfit on day 1?
Photos by Marta McAdams
*Just for fun, here’s the original Style Inspiration:

*This isn’t my first time embracing a braided hairstyle. Check out this throwback of me from high school:

47 thoughts on “Style Diary: Mercedes Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week Day 1”

  1. Every time I see a photo of you I always have to leave the same comment: your calves, Claire. Your calves! My kingdom for your calves!

  2. Yeah, her calves are def the biz. I have a pic of her on my vision board under fitness. Must obtain those legs. Loving the braids. I’m a little on the fence about that sweater with this outfit, but you look so darn cute in this pic. You do look just like a school girl. Can’t wait to see more of your NYFW style diary.

  3. I have huge calves so I wish mine we’re defined like yours. They just a jello-y mess at this point lol.

    Also. I love the skirt. Just bought a pleated pleather skirt myself (*see blog post* lol)and I love it.

  4. The braids make you look even younger – they look beautiful! And LOVE that you did an inspiration to reality with your own “What to Wear” lol! I’d been spying that sweater myself but it’s not in the budget right now so I will live vicariously through You in it lol. #Loveitall

  5. Dark skinnies??… Umm this is fashion week not dinner and a movie in Denver honey. You lose, try again.

  6. You look super cute. I love the braids and I think the sweater is fun and the skirt is also cute. I love that each fashion week you try new styles. Thumbs up for this one.

  7. LOVE the hair! I’ve been wanting to do the same thing with my locs. Thanks for showing the versatility of our hair. Your outfit is great too!

  8. Claire, the last outfit post pix is so cute. This pix should be the next photo of you that’s posted.

  9. i do not like the sweater over the skirt like that, it makes it look weird considering it is supposed to be flared. Cute combo nonetheless. Those shoes are giving me life….. Yesssss!!!! too nyc!

  10. I love the outfit! I really want to see a close up of your braids! I want to see how they’re done. My mind is trying to figure it out!

  11. Claire!!!!! I love it , you look sooo cute! I am loving the long blonde braids , i am getting ready to do mines in a couple of days! you definitely inspired me! the braids really bring out your femininity!

  12. Claire, you look gorg! I am loving that sweater and co-sign many others in wishing I had your legs.

  13. Trying to focus on the outfit but you’re so pretty. You need to do Beauty Diary for fashion week so I can know what shade of lipstick you’re wearing.

  14. Whew chile (clutching my pearls) I thought you cute the golden locs!!! Iwas about to cry! You look fly though..always do..werk!

  15. I’m gonna have to agree with Dom Dom on this. I know I may be in the minority. Not really feeling the outfit. It appears a bit too “young”…not that you’re old by any means, but you usually look uber sophisticated.

  16. Ok so I had no idea that you could braid locs like this… like I am seriously shocked. I am starting my locs soon and this has truly opened my eyes. Loving the P Lim sweater, I want the lichtenstein clutch!

  17. Claire,

    You were totally the pretty cheerleader in high school!!!! can you do some close up pics of your hair? i have dread too but i love those braids!

  18. claire – you are too cute
    the colour of the braids compliment your skin tone
    you look great
    and your cheerleader pic is too cute

  19. The sweater is a bad investment as it really looks like a high schooler should wear. Love the braids skirt and shoes

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