How come everytime you come around/My London, London bridge, wanna go down like/ London, London, London, wanna go down like/London, London, London, we goin’ down like…” Fergie, “London Bridge”

Hey Guys,
So I was trekking all over NYC this Sunday, and of course was keeping my eyes peeled for Real Style. Hit up a party in Harlem, but saw no signs of style on those concrete streets. Took a short detour to the Manhattan Mall at 34th street and almost thought I was in the midwest (eek!). But when friends and I stopped shortly in Soho, I found these two stylish London divas within minutes…


…what made me pause was the young lady on the right’s singular style. From her multilayered, gathered dress, to summery colors, and two toned, braided tresses, she was fierce! And both ladies have quite serious accessories games.
So what do you think? Do ladies from across the pond bring the Real Style?
PS Big Congrats to four time Wimbledon winner…

…Venus Williams! She’s the bomb y’all.

18 thoughts on “Real Style: London Girls”

  1. they’re hot, but i want more photos of the fashionbomb herself! ever since you linked my blog on your page, traffic has skyrocketed! a big kiss to my fashion maven! xoxo, wiwi, of the emancipation of wiwi

  2. They look really fresh and modern. But I am from the MidWest and was quite offended by your little comment, like we have no sense of style whatsoever. That’s not fair.

  3. living in london has shown me that there is just a culture of style here. there are whole markets and streets dedicated to being different, and every one gets in where they fit in. living here sucks, but london’s fashion scene has inspired me.

  4. i would say that those 2 ladies look original, but its not my cup of tea as far as style goes. i just think there’s too much going on.

  5. Black Brits definitely have style! The time that I spent living in London definitely opened me up to a new style aesthetic. And, these ladies are really rocking it in these cool and summery ‘fits! Loves it!

  6. London girls, do have great style, i do think it’s mostly 2 do with the shops we have over here, they r able 2 turnover the latest trends from the catwalk 2 the shops so quickly and cheaply that ppl r able to mix an d match as they wish.

  7. i love the london style. as the other poster said its not my fave place to live but i am always up on the new trends by just watching the streets. girls are risk takers here and they manage to pull it off very well. i hope to take that part of england with me whenever i leave :)

  8. I from London and the style here is sickk. Every1 has their own thing going own…real cool.

  9. I have have recently moved from from London to a Southern State in America, and I could tell you this I have never in my life seen people dress so bad. I have to remind myself that i have moved into a rural environment and I’m sure people in other states would dress way better.

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