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So my super stellar gem of an intern, Elita, stepped in to spearhead today’s Mail Bombs.


Hey everyone! Intern Elita checking in with this week’s Mail Bombs! I definitely had my work cut out for me this week with a ton of requests. Let’s get to it!
First up, reader Gabrielle says, “The dress that Erykah is wearing is sooooooo hot….

“…I dont know if it’s the doo rag she has added or what but the blue leopard is HOT! and I want it, but I cant find it.”
Hey FabGab! I couldn’t find the exact version, but know that it’s basically a short sleeve version of this Diane von Furstenberg Sisley Dress

…available for $325 at www.nordstrom.com.
If you want Erykah’s complete look, throw on this super popular Anna Corinna bag in tobacco (I so want one of these!)…

… for $468 at shopbop.com
…and pop on a pair of these $60 handmade brass wire earrings from www.masanidesigns.com

And you’re good to go!
Next, it seems like everyone was inspired by the BET Awards! Reader Brittny asks, “Eva’s dress at the BET awards was gorgeous!”

…”can u pleease tell me who made it?”
Well turns out Eva didn’t search far for this $420 Laundry Blanket Stripe Wrap Dress…

Available at www.saks.com.
Reader Erica also loved the awards and says, “Please let me know where I can get a skirt or dress like the one Rhianna wore to the BET Awards. I’m totally feeling it. Thanks!!!”

Although I can’t prove it, it’s been widely reported that the dress is by Hervé Léger. He’s been on everyone’s radar recently even though he hasn’t done a runway show in years. Starlets like Ciara and Lindsay Lohan have been showing up to events in his dresses. This is definitely his signature style!
If you’re looking for a reasonable facsimile, there are some options out there.

This BCBG Dress is a cool $440 at www.nordstrom.com

Although not white, this version by Cache is a close match and a deal at $258.
Good luck!
On to summer’s must-have: swimwear!
Reader Lea says, “I absolutely loved the piece on rocking white during the summer because white is one of my favorite colors to rock. However, I am finding it rather hard to find a nice white bathing suit for this party I am going to next wkend. Please help! I am athletic built like Serena Williams but with a little less muscular features.”
Well, there are lots of options out there.

This monokini Kimora rocked in the Baby Phat ads…

is on sale for a cool $45 over at Baby Phat
This BCBG version is a steal at $88 over at www.bluefly.com

If you’re not on a budget, this super sexy Alison suit by Vix is $140 and has some lovely gold ring detailing:

Otherwise, head on over to Victoria’s Secret where this two-piece

…is only $19!
And finally reader Angelyca says, ” I have a question about a dress I saw on Kerry Washington a while ago. I love the dress and would like to rock it soon at a formal event. Can you help me out?”

It’s from Luisa Beccaria’s Spring 2007 line.

I didn’t find it available for purchase online, but check her website for a store near you.
Great job Elita! Lastly, there was a bit of a controversy over the make of Lauren London’s dress last week…

Fashion Bomb reader Joy contested Dental Diva’s assertion saying, “I didn’t see Lauren London being able to rock vintage Prada, let alone to the BET Awards. She ain’t that big yet!” And she was right! According to this video she sent…

…Lauren London’s stylist Jason Scott created her dress. As she said, “It’s an original.”
Do you see why Mail Bombs are so hard??? Celebs get stuff custom made all the dern time! Anyway, sorry about that Dental Diva. Perhaps I can work something else out for ya:)

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