“Happy people (yeah, yeah yeah, yeah)/Keeps the world turnin,turnin,turnin/Oh I believe that,happy people(yeah, yeah yeah, yeah)/Keeps us dancin,dancin,dancin…” R. Kelly, “Happy People.”

Hey Guys!
So the white party was so much fun!!


Drinks were flowing, the wind was blowing, and there were happy, beautiful people as far as the eye could see!
In between dances, I (of course) had to patrol the crowd to look for divas wearing white in fierce, fashionable ways. There were tons of great examples:

I absolutely loved this nautical inspired outift. This fashionista accented her all white top and skirt with a sharp navy jacket whose gold buttons went perfectly with her bold, chunky accessories.

Strike a pose! The green strappy shoes and matching clutch were interesting accents to her strapless frothy dress and pearls. Like Nicole Richie, she slipped on a pair of hot shoes to make her outfit pop in a fabulous way.

Most girls (including myself) wore dresses, so I had to snap a pic of this slim diva who donned high waisted, thigh skimming button front shorts with a boatneck top.

You can never go wrong in a sophisticated white suit! This young lady’s version was tailored to the hilt while its shiny fabric upped the ‘umph’ factor.

These fashionable friends played with proportion to their advantage. The young lady on the right balanced her stomach skimming off the shoulder top with a long, flowing skirt. Diva on the left’s sweetheart necklined dress with a gathered bodice showed off her smoking silhouette.

I had to give it to homegirl for thinking outside the box. Her whole look was menswear inspired down to her black and white striped tie and white fedora with polka dot trim. The hot pink shoes and matching bag showed she put some effort into going against the grain.

And lastly, noone can touch this diva in a slick sequined frock. The light catching embellishments helped her shine in a crowded room.
I couldn’t forget the fellas, who were representing in everything from white suits and fedoras…

…to loose fitting button down linen shirts….

Hope you too had an amazing holiday. I’m still recovering:)
PS A big shout out to all my Fashion Bomb readers and friends who came over to say ‘hey’ whilst on the boat!

My buddy Lauren Williams from the fab website www.stereohyped.com
Lurve y’all!