Rihanna was looking smoking this past Saturday at a press call for the Tokyo Leg of the Live Earth Series…

Rihanna DSquared

…and reader Tameka needed to know who made her fly outfit.
Well why wait till Friday?
You can get her hot DSquared Halter Jumpsuit for about $165 (on sale at www.saks.com!)…

…Slip on a pair of two toned pumps, like this $198 pair by Michel Perry

…then skimp on these big hoop earrings

…that are only $5.80 at www.forever21.com.
Too pricey? Get a similar look with this $99 Twinkle by Wenlan Jumper

…and these $102 Steve Madden pumps from zappos.com

You’re good to go!
PS My interns are still around (I think…). Stay tuned for some ‘tern posts, Stylefiles, and more mail bombs!

10 thoughts on “Get her Look: Rihanna’s DSquared Halter Jumpsuit and Christian Louboutin Pumps”

  1. Rihanna’s outfits are always straight form the runway, she never does anything to make them look more personal (like she chose the outfit, not a stylist). I do not like her “style” at all and there’s at least one post a week about Rihanna on this blog. What up with that?

  2. She can’t sing, her voice is extremely irritating to me. She is very pretty and has a beautiful figure, but I’m a hater because I do not care for singers who CAN’T sing? I guess if you don’t like something or someone then that makes you a hater.

  3. I could have sworn I saw a playsuit like that in the guess store last week for about $90. It’s cute though.

  4. Her style definitely did come out of nowhere. There was no evolution, nothing. She went from the long hair, baggy jean, casual girl to some straight off the runway wannabe fashionista diva. Im not buying it. Just a little bit toooo contrived.

  5. wow, you guys make great points! I have admired the new style, but don’t really think of her as any kind of icon. Plus her lack of talent on stage dims her star. I guess she got a stylist and yeah, I think its a great point that she does not personalize them. Basically, I think we are saying she is not as unique as say SJP, Kelly Rowland, Gabrielle Union, etc…

  6. Gabrielle Union??? UNIQUE????? All she does is wear the same shapeless frock in different colors.
    You’re crazy to even put Gabrielle Union in the same category as SJP. That Neutrogena smile she has really has the world fooled. That child has no fashion sense.

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