So for most women, pregnancy is a time when they feel less than their best. Their waistline has expanded wildly, everything is a bit swollen, and let’s be honest: it’s usually not prime time for cuteness. The ever beautiful Halle Berry, however…


…bunks tradition and manages to make pregnancy look chic by wearing outfits that complement her body while maintaining her sexy.

Let’s take a look:
For casual outings, Halle opts for empire waist tops that hug her bosom while skimming over her belly…

..worn with jeans in a dark rinse and sunglasses that hide weary eyes.
When she dresses up a bit, she goes with jersey wrap dresses that highlight her ample curves….

…accessorized with simple necklaces and no nonsense flats.
For red carpet events, she doesn’t hide, wearing everything from dresses with plunging necklines and draped bodices…
…to more understated short dresses in black that conceal while still showing off her legs…
…accented with stiletto’s or boots in black leather.
Dowdiness is not the rule for expecting moms! Channel Halle and step out in dresses in bold prints, and shirts that flaunt your body. And don’t spend a ton: it’s only 9 months! A few affordable outfit options:
Click to Enlarge
Top Row:Notice Maternity Cap Sleeve Wrap Dress, $52, www.nordstrom.com; Marc by Marc Jacobs Two Toned Sunglasses, $95, shopbop.com
Empire Waist Tank Dress, $49.50, www.gap.com.
Here’s to Momma and Baby!

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*The blog Fashionising wonders…

…is the Sex and the City movie trying too hard?

10 thoughts on “Pregnant & Chic: Halle Berry”

  1. Thanks for this post darling Claire. I’ve read your blog every single day since you started. I love ALL your posts but I especially love this one as I’m so concerned about staying chic and pregnant. I tell you, it’s not easy, as sometimes you just can’t be bothered but I try none the less. If this 40something Halle can do it, no reason we 20somethings can’t. Thanks for keeping things Fab! You’re so awesome. :)

  2. I really believe that the wardrobe stylist for the new Sex and the City movie is trying WAY TO HARD!!!!. Many of the pictures I have seen from the set are not even runway style, the styles just seem to be off.

    I am really looking forward to the movie so I really hope that these “different” outfits are not the majority of the movie. I like couture but the outfits I have seen are just plain UGLY!

  3. I’m soooo going to need those tights SJP has on in that 1st picture.

    I know you can point me in the right direction to pick up a pair.

  4. I was just reviewing your blog and love the content!! You are truly a fashionista.

    Halle does look awesome pregnant. I was just reading my instyle magazine today and was amazed. She is Tres Chic. When I was pregnant I can not say the same, but if I decide to have #2 that will definitely change.

    Keep up the awesome content I will be back again!! Can I add you to my blog roll? I am starting a blog because I love fashion too. My site is http://www.fashioniche.com. We are currently working on the templete today so things my change a bit.

    Thanks :)

  5. Halle is fabulous. yewie, if many 20-something looked like Halle pre-pregnancy, then yes, they can do it. I doubt that anyone who doesn’t invest in their body and clothes pre-pregnancy is suddenly going to do it for a couple of months.

    Oh goodness. I don’t even want to see the SATC movie anymore. This stinks of desperation to make a bad movie more appealing.

  6. Halle is just too cute for words!

    Patricia Field is a genius…way ahead of the curve

    I absolutely adore your blog. I added you weeks ago…although this is my 1st time commenting! I’m so shy. lol!

    Thanks for all the insider fashion info!

  7. I love love love sex and the city but I am on the edge of fear with the pics that has been released. Its a little too Avant-garde for me because what normal woman walks around in this everyday? I hope the movie is not disappointing

  8. per these particular S n C pictures, they are trying wayyy tooo hard. not feeling carrie’s get up at all.

  9. I loved the way you rocked all of those maternity outfits. It proves you can still be stylish while pregnant! Dress your bump maternally chic!!!

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