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So last week, I went to a ‘Behind the Scenes’ shoot for a new online magazine, UnVogue (www.unvogue.com):


It was created by stylist Tyson P….
…and is self professedly ‘not your grandma’s magazine.’ An excerpt from the Editor’s Letter, “[UNVOGUE] is a magazine that realizes that its readers are of many races, sizes, colors, religions, economic backgrounds, and that they too would LOVE to see themselves represented in the pages they dash out to purchase…it was created to put the fun back into fashion…and never take fashion too seriously!” Sign me up!
The shoot was definitely fun, and tons of cute accessories and racks were everywhere….

…it was a shopaholic’s heaven brimming with items both high and low, and from designers ranging from Dolce & Gabbana and Tracy Reese to Isaac for Target and Old Navy.
I had to take a picture of one of the models present, who was artfully styled by Tyson…
…I loved the bold colors, and the way her bright green clutch played off the hot pink in the belt; her pale yellow turtleneck nicely complemented her skin tone. Her crisp twill jacket made me yearn for the warm temps of spring.
So tell me…what do you think of Unvogue’s style?

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*So…after over 50 submissions, we have a winner for the Fashion Bomb’s first contest of the year!!!!!

It is….drumroll….

Najah from Washington DC…
….who correctly found that Gabby’s green dress…
…was none other than this very affordable $120 Sky Mini Rock Rope Halter
And that Beyonce’s Bag is in the same collection as this Fendi Large Selleria bag..
…available for $2,130 at www.mytheresa.com (also at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, etc).
About her win, Najah says, “Oh wow, yay! I never win anything! Those are great prizes. And now I’ve got an excuse to plan another trip to NY!
And I must give a special shout out to everyone who participated! Y’all pulled out all the stops…from saying that your birthday was coming up to actually contacting Gabrielle Union’s publicist (the publicist had no idea. She was probably like, “The Fashion Bomb, what?“). Anyway, you’re great! Looks like I’ll need to have these contests more often…
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6 thoughts on “Real Styling: Unvogue”

  1. I came across Unvogue some time last week and I must say that I truly love the concept of the magazine! I am interested to see how the next issues turn out, but so far I am impressed!

  2. I love the model’s outfit!! It’s funky, creative and very stylish. I will definitely check out UnVogue!

  3. I love that green dress. Green such a good colour for brown skin espeacially really deep complecions like Ms. Union’s!

  4. UNVOGUE – What an amazing magazine. Thanks so much for introducing it Fashion Bomb. I really felt as if I connected to the magazine. I didn’t feel uncomfortable like the way Vogue makes me feel. I always feel as if Vogue puts to much pressure or women to be absolutely perfect. UNVOGUE seems to allow women to be free. Thanks Fashion Bomb – I just fell in love.

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