Happy Wednesday!
So as you may know, I love the color yellow!
And while pale yellow is the perfect summer go to–complementing many skin tones and brightening up any look–the winter calls for a richer, deeper shade that I’ll call marigold.
The color–a mixture of yellow, gold, and mustard–has been popping up on celebrities of late, whether on the red carpet or out and about.
Let’s take a look:
Beauties Vanessa Williams and Rachel Roy both literally light up formal events in strapless deep yellow frocks….


Celeb party girls Nicole Richie…

and Kim Kardashian….
…make the look club ready in thigh skimming, body clinging dresses.
The look can be adapted for work by throwing on a fitted jacket like Vanessa Simmons…
…or winterized with a long wool jacket, a la Meagan Good…
..it’s a good look.
Brighten up your winter wardrobe with the following ‘Marigold’ items:
Click to Enlarge
Top Row: Diane von Furstenberg Quincy Knit Shirtdress, $365, www.saks.com; Gryphon Tank Dress, $128, www.anthropologie.com; City Suede Ballet Flats, $125, www.jcrew.com.
MIddle Row: Malene Berger Sloane Pleated Top, $141, www.net-a-porter.com.
Bottom Row: Lady Jacket, $37.80, www.forever21.com; J.Crew Cherbourg Coat, $275, 1-800-562-0258; AKA New York Pintucked Dress, $200, www.activeendeavors.com.

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*Tip: Marigold Looks Great with Plum. Use the following high brow accessories as inspiration:

*Deal of the Day:

Burberry Kate drop-waist dress, $626 from $895, www.net-a-porter.com. Not much of a ‘deal’, but hey, it’s on sale!
*Fashion Blogs highlight Real Style. Why didn’t they feature the Fashion Bomb?!?! [Newsweek]
*I love this stuff…

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6 thoughts on “Trend Talk: Marigold”

  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog. Anyways, I wanted to know who makes the yellow blazer that Vanessa Simmons has on? That jacket is so hot!

  2. I love this blog and I’m also all about the yellow. (I wore a gorgeous beaded yellow dress to prom…definitely an original.)

    In fact, at the risk of my originality, I don’t mind telling you that I just bought a lovely yellow blazer on sale at J.Crew…$55.

    Happy shopping!

  3. about miss jessie deal, that is not a deal they had buy one get one free on any product any size. it ended last month, how i know i placed an ordedr.

  4. Love the blog!!!! I have a question about Ms Jessie’s Hair Creme, see i’m all the way up in Scotland and I have tried to get it everywhere!!! But nope, nobody stocks it up here or in London, or even in Manchester!!! And I have to stick to Aveda’s Be Curly although everyone is raving about Ms Jessie’s!!! I want me some pleaaaaaaase!!! HELP much, much love xxx

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