*If you love Solange, check out her first vlog:

I couldn’t sit through more than a minute, but maybe you can!
*Enter the code ‘thefashionbomb’ for 20% off Melanie Auld Jewelry at www.melanieaulddesigns.com. A few offerings:
Top Row: Gold Filigree Earrings, $50. Stackable Rings in Silver, $26.
Bottom Row: Three Chain Gold Necklace, $220. Anchor Necklace, $54.
Check out www.melanieaulddesigns.com for more!
*Apparently Marie Claire Magazine is looking for Fall Interns:
Fashionista.com says, “The massive fashion glossy needs Fall interns for their closet, and if you’re in college and willing to work really hard, you might get to enter the Hearst Tower every day until December…” If you’ve got what it takes, send your resume and a short email to Abby Kalicka ([email protected]). Good luck! As an aside, I was looking for women of color for the sample Marie Claire cover and couldn’t find any…go in and let ’em know you exist!
*Now, this is interesting. Well, we all know how I love Cole Haan Nike Air Pumps for their chic cushiness…but we also know that those shoes are quite an investment. Well, Nine West took the reigns and decided to partner with New Balance…
…to produce new active fashion wear for Spring 2009. Which means comfort and style for a more affordable price. Can’t wait to see!

4 thoughts on “Nine West + New Balance and Marie Claire Internships!”

  1. So good to come across this blog. As a woman of color and accessory designer blogs like this are at the top of my list!



  2. Try to watch the vlog again to check that cocktail ring around 3:04. Gorgeous!

  3. hey!! ok, so i love solange (minus the potty mouth)! but what really made me leave a comment was the marie claire covere. i LOVE that issue. oh my, i loved the looks on ashley o. in her spread and i probably re-read every article! i’m visiting from theybf and now i’m hooked. i’ll be checking in daily! thank you for this site! my monthly allowance can only stretch so far!

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