So while I was out in LA, I did get a small amount of time to do a little shopping. I ran across a cute, black owned boutique called Runway …


…located at 807 S. La Brea Avenue.
Owned by former fashion stylist Fatima Dodson, Runway provides a mixture of contemporary, vintage, and local designs for affordable prices:

The colorful, laidback, artistic store has fashionable jeans, tops, dresses, and accessories with prices ranging from $25-$85 (Note: someone in LA called it ‘expensive.’ I was like, try coming to New York!!). At any rate, I looked around and quickly found a few Fashion Bomb worthy items:
This deconstructed dress by local designer Tawni Marie Lucero is affordable at $85…
..this patterned skirt is $55 and the $45 black top and $22 belt complete the look…
…a tie-neck dress for $65…
…and this spaghetti strapped summer ready dress is $68.
I chatted with Fatima, who told me that Runway hosts monthly fashion shows featuring makeup application, shopping, and mingling. If you’re ever in LA, it seems that the blog Look Book LA (www.lookbookla.blogspot.com) always has the scoop!
Unfortunately Runway doesn’t have a website, but drop into 805 S. La Brea Avenue if you’re ever in Los Angeles. For more info, you can also e-mail ru*************@ya***.com or call 323-965-1877. Tell ’em I sent ya!

6 thoughts on “Los Angeles Boutique Spotlight: Runway”

  1. Thanks for posting Runway Boutique, I always drive past and wondered what type of items the sold. That’s funny someone said they are expensive but I understand what they mean. LA has such an amazing selection of vintage items at consignment and thrift stores, you almost feel silly paying full price for items you can find much cheaper. Also thanks for posting on Karl, that was an interesting article. It’s sad to admit hearing 2 black models in the last 17 shows will not stop me from admiring the collections and Chanel as a whole, but I do hope in the future this changes. It’s surprising to hear as well.

  2. Thanks for posting this!! I went there when I was in LA like 2 yrs ago. It was a great little boutique then and I’m sure it’s still faboulous now!

  3. Runway i down the street from my job and every time I pass by, there’s always something cute outside on display. I finally stopped in about a month ago and got a cute, trendy skirt. I received a million compliments when I wore it to work. I love Runway.

  4. Wow…I would love to visit this boutique when I make a trip to LA! I found the same exact gray skirt that is in the 7th photo at TJ Maxx the other day. It could be worn as a tube dress or skirt. I think the designer was Lapis. What a coincidence.

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