So today, I’m going to introduce a new feature: Style Verdict.
While most stars hit the chic quotient out of the park, others, you’re not too sure. Instead of profiling them in a typical Style File, I’m leaving it up to you guys as to whether this celeb is Fashion Bomb material. You decide: Does this star have style? Or are they still a work in progress?
Today’s subject is Beyonce’s little sis…


Admittedly, it must be hard playing second fiddle to the force that is Beyonce, but perhaps Solange holds her own on the fashion front? Let’s take a look:
Knowles # 2 seems to favor flattering hour glass silhouettes comprised of dresses with seriously accentuated waists:
…and tops with short frilly skirts…
…worn with cute stilettos.
For red carpet events, performances, or nights on the town, she flaunts her form in freekum dresses…
..with more casual outings warranting head to toe black…
…with the neon accessories thrown in to great effect:

Not bad!
While she gets it right on some occasions, at times Solange leaves us scratching our heads:
This bejeweled neck is cute, but white shoes, why?
This Champagne frock won’t send her to the fashion police, but it’s shapeless design might get her cited…
A flapper dress is always pretty, but this hemline might be too matronly for such a young buck…
…and we all remember these purple tights, which did nothing for her standard black and white ensemble.
So is Solange a certified style star? Or is she still creepin on a come up?