Get ready for some feel-good news that will brighten your Friday and maybe even inspire you! Haitian-born New York artist Guy Stanley Philoche has been dedicating his time during the ongoing pandemic to giving back to the community. Philoche has been making headlines for his philanthopric endeavors including purchasing $70,000 worth of art from artists all around the world as well as partnering with Vans to design a limited-edition sneaker to assist small businesses.

For Guy Stanley Philoche, art has been a huge part of his life for almost 20 years now. To reward himself for how far he’s come in his line of work, he decided to treat himself to a stunning Rolex watch. He later ran into a friend and artist who expressed how the pandemic has left him struggling financially. Looking back and questioning his purchase, Philoche decided to put the money towards his friend’s artwork. This act of kindness moved Philoche to wanting to “bless others as he had been blessed”, leading him to launch his social media campaign to buy art from emerging artists who had been affected by COVID-19.

The social media call-to-action resulted in Philoche purchasing $70,000 worth of art from over 150 artists worldwide. He is actually still running the campaign and buying art from artists globally.

Philoche’s support for the community around him doesn’t stop there. He also has a series called “No Comment” where he paints female figures across many industries who feel “silenced” and believe they aren’t receiving equal opportunities in their career paths. Additionally, he worked on the Black Lives Matter mural in Harlem on 125th Street.

Now, Guy Stanley Philoche has partnered with Vans to design a limited-edition Classic Slip On shoe that will assist small businesses who have been affected by the COVID-19. The shoe will feature Philoche’s “reVOLution” symbol, which advocates for social change, as well as his signature paper airplane and the Connecticut Fairfield Comedy Club logo, the assistance recipient for this collaboration.

Proceeds from the shoe’s purchases will be donated to the Fairfield Comedy Club and given to comedians who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Philoche expresses, “Artists supporting artists has always been my mantra, and as an artist who struggled to get to where I am, I understand the value of giving back to my community. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken so much from us that when my childhood friend Joe Gerics asked me to partner with him to a create a shoe design for Vans that would support local comedians who have lost their jobs, I pulled out my paintbrush and went to work. It is an honor to be of service to others.

The shoes are currently available for purchase while supplies last on

With many fans including celebrity figures like Tommy Hilfiger and George Clooney, Guy Stanley Philoche is definitely one to keep on your radar! Keep up and discover more from him on his site and Instagram.