Athleisure style is on the rise in both men and women’s fashion, and while joggers and sweatpants were previously only suitable for the gym and a lazy day at home, this is genuinely no longer the case. Fortunately, the trends of the day showcase comfort as a critical element, and while you can’t wear your joggers to work, there are tons of trendy ways to pull off a pair of joggers this year. 

Joggers are slightly different to sweatpants, as these comfortable pants were originally designed as gym wear, which is why they are so exceptionally comfortable. Unlike sweatpants, joggers are tapered at the leg, lightweight, and highly comfortable. There’s a massive variety of styles and designs out there, as you can even find cargo jogger pants that are slightly less casual. With that said, if you aren’t entirely sure how to create stylish outfits with joggers, we have rounded up a few practical tips to simplify your outfit choices for you. 

Pair With Casual Pieces

Joggers aren’t suitable for the office or any other formal occasions. However, you can pull off numerous casual outfits by pairing joggers with other casual pieces in your wardrobe. A great choice is high top sneakers, a plain vest, oversized t-shirts, or even fitted t-shirts. Other great shoe choices include iconic sneakers such as those from the vintage Vans collection, Adidas sneakers, and various Nike designs.

Sweatshirts And Cardigans

During colder weather, you can pair your joggers with a stylish sweatshirt; again, well-fitted sweatshirts are excellent, while oversized sweatshirts are the slightly more fashion-forward choice. You can also pair joggers with various cardigans, although it’s always best to opt for a well-fitted size when pairing with cardigans.

Track Jackets And Denim Jackets

When wearing cargo joggers, you have the option of pulling your outfit together with a stylish track jacket in colour block designs or even a classic denim jacket. Because cargo joggers are slightly less casual, your jacket choice should complement this factor. It’s never a great choice to pair regular gym joggers with denim jackets as they don’t pair too well. 

Biker Jackets And Blazers

Biker jackets are best worn with darker fabric, and printed fabric joggers, cargo or regular are perfect options. A pair of camo print joggers will complement a leather biker jacket perfectly. On the other hand, blazers are best paired with cargo joggers, leather loafers, and fitted t-shirts, as blazers often aren’t casual. You could also consider elevator shoes for this fashion-forward outfit choice.

Bomber Jackets And Gym Sneakers

Bomber jackets really are all the rage right now in both men and women’s fashion. When pairing your joggers with a bomber jacket, you can opt for a fitted or oversized t-shirt. However, your shoe choice can be stylish gym shoes or high top sneakers, as this outfit choice is perfectly casual. 

There are many ways to wear joggers, as these pants are exceptionally versatile, especially when considering the wide range of fabric choices and extra details. With that said, your joggers’ specific fabric and pattern will determine how you should complete your outfit as some materials are secluded to casual looks while others are suitable for stylish street fashion and semi-casual looks.