Hey Bombshells, as you know we love highlighting Fashion Bomb Daily readers in a feature we call Fashion Bombshell of the Day. Choose who you think should be crowned Fashion Bombshell of the Month for May of 2021. Here are the contenders.

Chelsea from Pennsylvania

Chelsea is a style blogger, boutique owner and student. Her style is fierce, fun and energetic. Usually paired with shades, her pieces prove to be interchangeable. Items and can be easily mixed and matched to create different looks

Kara from New York

Kara describes herself as “A lipstick enthusiast and lover of any fly shoe.” Her style is very street glam, with a mixture of soft colors/fabrics with hard lines and sneakers. Her looks are bold and memorable.

Kia from Wisconsin

Kia says, “Beauty to me is defined through your acts of kindness and the positive energy you spread to others. Its defined by the countless number of times the world has giving you every reason to be “ugly” yet you remain beautiful in spirit, mind and soul.

This may not be an easy choice but who’s style speaks to you? Vote for your favorite below. Winner goes on for a chance to be crowned Fashion Bombshell of the Year presented @theFabysAwards.