I had the pleasure of working with Saskay, such a talented and beautiful soul, who most would remember her from Big Brother Naija’s most recent season. She is not your regular reality star though, she is an artist, model, cosmetics guru and entrepreneur. Working with this sweet spirit was really awakening in the most cosmic way… she is really like a superhero by spirit alone. If I were to give her a superhero name it would be “Melanated Mystery”. She is most definitely an intriguing mystery and she is rising star! I watched her TikTok videos where she did make-up transformations, paints beautiful canvas pieces and even spit bars to some well-known hip hop tracks. The depth of her artistry is endless. Saskay is definitely a force to be reckoned with and such an inspiration to young females & creatives. I don’t want to talk to much, so please check out my interview with Saskay! 

Tell me about you, introduce yourself to those that may not know you.

My name is Tsakute Ladi Jonah but I’m popularly known as Saskay. I’m 21 years old. I am an artist, a model and an advocate for Pan Africanism. I own a brand called ‘BlackGirlFly’ that is made to glorify and elevate the black African child, but for now the brand is just starting into arts and cosmetics. I am a reality tv star from the just concluded Big Brother Naija. 

Where are you from? What tribe are you from? 

I hail from a village called Michika, in the north-eastern part of Nigeria, in  Adamawa State.

Growing up did you face any challenges dealing with your beautiful complexion or any other challenges that young women may face, if so please tell us about it?

Growing up I didn’t exactly love my skin, because people kept talking about it like it was a disease or something. I was called names like ‘blackie’ and laughed at for being so ‘black’. I felt so dirty, like maybe being dark was a result of me not being clean… So I put in extra effort into my cleanliness, still nothing. I had five sisters who were all lighter complexion and it made me even question myself more. The first thing everyone noticed about me, was obviously my skin, but never in a good way. It always goes something like, “wow! you’re black oh”. I had to somehow pull myself out of that mess and began appreciating my skin. Once I did that, everyone else kinda got the cue and began appreciating it too.

How did you overcome your fears and stepped out on faith to accomplish your goals? 

I believe in myself, way more than I show it and yes of course sometimes fear steps in, I begin to doubt if I can ever achieve the things I want to, but every time I remember the amount of things I really want to achieve. I just have to get up and go because there isn’t enough time to be doubting myself when I could be working for my future instead. I always say I feel a lifetime isn’t enough to achieve everything I want to achieve in this life, but its worth a shot. Lastly, no one can motivate you if you do not motivate yourself enough.

What do you want to be remembered for? 

Gosh… I want to remembered for lots of things. I want to be remembered as a woman, who against all odds reached for the sky and craved for the whole universe, who held Africa to heart and rose beyond accepting mere glorifications for the talent she is. I want to be remembered for not sticking to one lifestyle, but as the woman who touched the lives of others by being and achieving every dream she had, regardless of what field. I want to be remembered for rising above my fears and giving courage to every young African girl to be whatever she wants to be, reject a slice and crave for the whole cake, because that is where power truly lies. I want to be remembered as a woman who was in touch with the spirits and a heavenly being made divine.

What advice would you give your childhood self? 

To my childhood self, “well done Saskay, you’re doing absolutely amazing. It’s okay to be scared or unsure of what the future holds, but remember to take it one day at a time. You might not completely understand it all now or grasp the reason behind some things, but be sure to always do you. In the end, you’re gonna make yourself proud.”

What advice would you give to your fellow upcoming artists/Models? 

A lot of people always ask me how to go about it and I’ll tell you what I did… Before others started seeing me as a model, I was a self acclaimed one. I didn’t just sit and wait for an agency to sign me, I instead spent my own money in creating ideas and having series of photo sessions. I would post them on my social media feed and slowly, people started to recognize me as a model. You can’t wait for anyone to help you or show you the way, you have to seize that opportunity yourself. There isn’t enough opportunities or chances out there, so you have to prove to people why and how you’re a model. Let them see your works and glorify you.

What do you enjoy doing the most, because you are a dope Artist, Entrepreneur, Exotic Make-Up Artist & Model?

I enjoy every bit of my work, but I’d have to say being an artist is top notch for me. Being able to play with colours, brush in hand, different patterns and strokes, it’s a different kinda feeling being able to create with your hands and having visions of different ways the world could look, bringing to life imaginations that are out of this world. It’s awesome.

What is your ultimate goal in your career? 

I don’t have one, maybe because I don’t plan on pursuing just one career, but maybe my ultimate goal would be to be able to have experience in all 7 careers I want for myself.

What do you have coming up Next? 

The ‘BlackGirlFly’ brand is launching soon and I’m starting off with a lip care line and an art exhibition. These are things i’ve wanted for so long, and it feels surreal that they’re coming to life. My heart is full of joy and ready to explore the shores. Also I will be having an art exhibition soon and some of my pieces would be out to purchase. I’m curating something really special.

How was your experience working with Designer Tasha, what was your favorite moment? 

Designer Tasha has turned out to be one of the best people i’ve worked with. I feel like I don’t have enough words to explain how I feel about her, but let me try…Now not only is she so wonderful at her work, she’s also someone with an amazing heart. She has gone out of her way to be there for me, physically and mentally. A person who has seen me for who I am, accepted me and motivated me severally to push beyond heights attainable. She’s really a force and I’m totally grateful to the universe for bringing us together.

If you were a super hero, what would your name be & what super power would you possess? 

Well if you think about it, I am a super hero *wink* lol. I’d be called ‘BlackGirlFly’ and I’d possess the power to read my minds. I think that it the most powerful ability honestly, because if you can read the minds of people you converse or relate to daily, then I believe you’ve solved 80% of your problems.

If you could teleport, where would be the first place you go? 

A nice, quiet beach, with no more than 5 people (including the love of my life though) lol, because all I want right now is to find peace and experience tranquility and I know only nature can truly give me that.

What’s your favorite fashion item? 

My favourite fashion item has to be rings. I love how powerful rings can make an outfit look. They’d turn an outfit from mild to fab in seconds and its truly amazing how much of a fashion statement they make.

There are a lot of melanated women that look up to you, give them an encouraging word.

Be yourself. You’re not perfect and that’s absolutely alright. All you need is a little time and hard work. Also, love yourself. People would love and appreciate you only if you give yourself the right energy and trust that no one can love you the way you love yourself, but in the meantime, trust the process.

What are three things you are grateful for? 

Life, love and progress

What’s your daily affirmations? 

I am and will be whoever I want to be, whenever I want to be and wherever I want to be, with God on my side.

Tell us something about you that we don’t know. 

Okay weird thing: I do not fear death, but strangely, I’m sometimes afraid of the dark. It’s really weird.

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